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Reach regional digital audiences

Now Digital, primarily through two wholly owned subsidiaries of Arqiva - Now Digital Ltd and Now Digital (Southern) Ltd, operates 25 DAB digital radio multiplexes across the UK. Each multiplex is operated under a license from the UK communications regulator, Ofcom.


There has never been a better time to go digital

Radio listening on digital platforms is continuing to grow year on year and now accounts for over 58% of listening in the UK (RAJAR Q1 2020). DAB accounts for by far the biggest proportion of all digital listening.

Between 2015 and 2017 we doubled the size of the local DAB network, which has extended local coverage. This brought millions of new listeners into the transmission coverage of our multiplexes and improved road coverage.

If you’re looking for national coverage, we also operate and own licences for the UK’s two national commercial multiplexes  Digital One  and Sound Digital.


Providing the complete local digital radio service

We provide advice and support to ensure you get on to our Now Digital multiplexes in a seamless way. Our local multiplexes broadcast using MPEG 1 Layer II coding and the current technical equipment isn’t able to broadcast stations in DAB+.

As standard, the Now Digital contract will include pick-up of the audio signal from the studio (coding and contribution), along with multiplexing and transmission, for an all-inclusive price. The price of broadcasting a service will vary depending on the licensed area, the audio quality you choose and other factors.


Permanent or short-term services available

Now Digital isn’t just for permanent stations. Many multiplexes can accommodate short-term broadcast services, such as those linked to specific events, religious festivals or trial broadcasts.


The Now Digital multiplexes

For each multiplex, full coverage maps are available below:


Licence expires

Coverage maps*

25/04/2026 Download coverage map
Berkshire & North Hampshire
30/07/2024 Download coverage map
31/07/2026 Download coverage map
30/01/2025 Download coverage map
27/09/2024 Download coverage map
27/10/2024 Download coverage map
30/01/2025 Download coverage map
22/07/2026 Download coverage map
19/05/2026 Download coverage map
Exeter Torbay & North Devon
30/10/2022 Download coverage map
Herts Beds Bucks
13/02/2025 Download coverage map
29/04/2024 Download coverage map
29/11/2022 Download coverage map
30/03/2023 Download coverage map
27/03/2025 Download coverage map
29/04/2024 Download coverage map
20/12/2024 Download coverage map
29/11/2022 Download coverage map
27/10/2024 Download coverage map
South East Wales
30/10/2024 Download coverage map
South Hampshire
30/01/2023 Download coverage map
29/01/2024 Download coverage map
30/01/2023 Download coverage map
West & South Wiltshire
30/01/2023 Download coverage map
Wolverhampton & Shropshire
30/01/2025 Download coverage map


*Coverage maps show our prediction of coverage on an indoor portable DAB receiver.

The first step is to complete a Station Information Form. This will allow us to prepare a confidentiality agreement. Once that’s in place, we can discuss detailed contract terms and prices.

We are keen to treat everyone who is seeking capacity on DAB digital radio fairly. As part of that, we have described some of the principles and processes we follow in this document. 

For more information about our local DAB services, please get in touch.

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