DAB Radio and multiplexing services in Oxfordshire

The Oxfordshire multiplex covers the city of Oxford, town of Banbury and surrounding areas, a population coverage of over 610,000...



Now Digital

Digital Multiplex details

Multiplex licence name: Oxfordshire
On-air date:

21 December 2012

Multiplex licensed until: 20 December 2024
Estimate population covered1 614,293
Transmitter sites: Boars Hill, Farthinghoe, Over Norton, Oxford, Woodcote
Digital share of listening2: 45.4%
DAB digital radio in home2: 64.0%

1 Figure derived from: Ofcom indoor coverage 80% locations normal propagation, estimated households covered multiplied by 2.3 people per average UK household to derive a population figure
2 Source: Ofcom - The Communications Market: Digital Radio Report, November 2016, Annex 1

DAB radio transmitter coverage

Oxfordshire multiplex coverage map - this map shows our prediction of coverage on an indoor portable DAB receiver for the Oxfordshire multiplex. 

Coverage is measured by spectrum planners in several different ways. A range of factors will affect reception including the transmitter power & antenna, local geography, the sensitivity of the listener’s radio, the type of home (bungalow, basement flat, steel framed building) and even weather conditions. This complexity is reflected in coverage models and maps. One map doesn’t tell the whole story. This Ofcom document includes several maps for this multiplex and explains why different parameters have been used.

These transmitters form a network, with all services on the multiplex broadcast to the entire coverage area; for technical reasons it is not possible to broadcast to just one part of the area or from one specific transmitter.

Audio services

Now Digital currently broadcasts the following audio services:

Station Format Other details
Heart Oxford Contemporary Existing local station
Smooth Easy listening Digital only
Capital Contemporary Digital only
Jack FM Rock & pop Existing local station
BBC Radio Oxford Local interest Existing local station
Jack2 Pop Existing local station
BFBS Brize Norton Forces music Digital only
Jack3 Easy listening Digital only
Hits Radio Contemporary Digital only
Greatest Hits Radio Contemporary Digital only

There is currently capacity available on this multiplex for at least one further mono or stereo audio service.

National BBC and commercial DAB digital radio services may also be received in the area. For further details, see more information page. Or use the Postcode Checker to see which stations should be available.