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If you are already registered on Gateway as a Requester and have completed the online Induction course please click on the following link to enter your login details - Login to Gateway (will launch in new window)

Xgate user guide

Online induction course

To complete the online Induction course you will need to have the password issued to you by the Accreditation Team to hand. To launch the course Click here (will launch in new window)

If you are not already registered on Gateway DO NOT complete the online Induction course. Please contact The Accreditation Team on 01926416895 or email to become an active user. The Accreditation Team will then instruct you to complete the online Induction course accordingly.  

Gateway documents

Gateway is Arqiva’s site access permit booking system. Reliability and security are paramount to Arqiva when managing the assets on our sites. As a result, in 2007, we launched our Gateway system as a means of managing the access onto our sites in order to ensure the safety of all those requiring access whilst at the same time helping to protect the assets on our sites.

To access Arqiva sites permits should be raised through the Gateway system for every visit. Gateway is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week which allows permits to booked at any time of day or night.

Before being given access to Gateway your company must apply for Accreditation and ensure that the Arqiva Access Regulations are followed at all times. The Access Regulations and Accreditation Forms are located at the following links:

Site Access Regulations and Accreditation Forms
Site Share Terms and Conditions