Quarterly Investor Reporting

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Chris Parr - Head of Corporate Finance and Investor Relations


Documents for year ending 30 June:

PeriodQ1 (September)Q2 (December)Q3 (March)Q4 (June)
Financial StatementsN/APDF606 KBN/AN/A
Junior Quarterly Investor report - Schedule 6PDF173 KBPDF208 KBN/AN/A
Senior Quarterly Investor report - Schedule 7 PDF178 KBPDF219 KBN/AN/A
AF1 Compliance CertificateN/APDF201 KBN/AN/A
PeriodQ1 (September)Q2 (December)Q3 (March)Q4 (June)
Financial StatementsN/APDF4.63 MBN/APDF9.99 MB
Annual investor presentationN/AN/AN/APDF850 KB
Junior Quarterly Investor report - Schedule 6PDF148 KBPDF306 KBPDF168 KBPDF184 KB
Senior Quarterly Investor report - Schedule 7 PDF151 KBPDF286 KBPDF172 KBPDF186 KB
AF1 Compliance CertificateN/APDF425 KBN/APDF220 KB
PeriodQ1 (September)Q2 (December)Q3 (March)Q4 (June)
Financial StatementsN/APDF714 KBN/APDF2.44 MB
Annual investor presentationN/AN/AN/APDF1.21 MB
Junior Quarterly Investor report - Schedule 6PDF200 KBN/APDF236 KBPDF150 KB
Senior Quarterly Investor report - Schedule 7 PDF226 KBPDF214 KBPDF251 KBPDF241 KB
AF1 Compliance CertificateN/APDF224 KBN/APDF239 KB
PeriodQ1 (September)Q2 (December)Q3 (March)Q4 (June)
Combined Investor reportPDF3.09 MBPDF3.75 MBPDF1.16 MBPDF2.59 MB
Annual investor presentationN/AN/AN/APDF1.1 MB
Schedule 7 Quarterly investor reportPDF341 KBPDF451 KBPDF129 KBPDF409 KB
ABFP Compliance certificateN/APDF52 KBN/APDF26 KB
AF1 Compliance certificateN/APDF249 KBN/APDF230 KB
PeriodQ1 (September)Q2 (December)Q3 (March)Q4 (June)
Combined Investor reportPDF3 MBPDF1.64 MBPDF3.35 MBPDF17.68 MB
Annual investor presentationN/AN/AN/APDF822 KB
Schedule 7 Quarterly investor reportPDF70 KBPDF72 KBPDF366 KBPDF82 KB
ABFP Compliance certificateN/APDF27 KBN/APDF36 KB
AF1 Compliance certificateN/APDF249 KBN/APDF267 KB
PeriodQ1 (September)Q2 (December)Q3 (March)Q4 (June)
Combined Investor reportPDF737 KBPDF734 KBPDF801 KBPDF4.88 MB
Annual investor presentationN/AN/AN/APDF1.05 MB
Schedule 7 Quarterly investor reportPDF99 KBPDF488 KBPDF94 KBPDF731 KB
ABFP Compliance certificateN/APDF32 KBN/APDF62 KB
AF1 Compliance certificateN/APDF224 KBN/APDF454 KB
PeriodQ1 (September)Q2 (December)Q3 (March)Q4 (June)
Combined Investor reportPDF2.37 MBPDF2.82 MBPDF3.06 MBPDF6.61 MB
Annual investor presentationN/AN/AN/APDF788 KB
Schedule 7 Quarterly investor reportPDF265 KBPDF364 KBPDF448 KBPDF509 KB
ABFP Compliance certificateN/APDF38 KBN/APDF28 KB
AF1 Compliance certificateN/APDF224 KBN/APDF211 KB
PeriodQ1 (September)Q2 (December)Q3 (March)Q4 (June)
Combined Investor reportN/AN/APDF2.56 MBPDF15.37 MB
Investor report ABPLPDF1.06 MBPDF908 KBN/AN/A
Investor report AGPLPDF1.6 MBPDF1.27 MBN/AN/A
Annual investor presentationN/AN/AN/APDF481 KB
ABFP Compliance certificateN/APDF29 KBN/APDF36 KB
AF1 Compliance certificateN/APDF126 KBN/APDF213 KB
PeriodQ1 (September)Q2 (December)Q3 (March)Q4 (June)
Investor report ABPLN/AN/APDF1.64 MBPDF2.01 MB
Investor report AGPLN/AN/APDF1.86 MBPDF2.78 MB
ABFP Compliance certificateN/AN/AN/APDF25 KB
AF1 Compliance certificateN/AN/AN/APDF136 KB

By clicking on the financial year tabs above, you can access the following documents for Arqiva:

Investor reporting overview:

In October 2018, the Group completed the refinancing of its 9.5% Junior Notes due Mar-20, by establishing a new 6.75% Junior Note due Sep-23. Under the terms of these new notes and the existing senior financing, the Group prepares investor reporting as follows:

Senior Quarterly Investor report - Schedule 7

This report is in the format of Schedule 7 of the Common Terms Agreement (CTA) summarising business developments, capital expenditure, financing and senior covenants. This is a quarterly requirement of the CTA for AGPL.

Junior Quarterly Investor report - Schedule 6

A report to meet the requirements of the ABPL (Junior) Group, produced in the first and third quarters, summarising business developments, capital expenditure and financing.

Financial statements

Unaudited financial statements at half year that include P&L, balance sheet, cashflow, operating and financial review, and recent developments. For the full year reporting period, audited financial statements will be published that include P&L, balance sheet, cashflow, operating and financial review, recent developments, description of the business, management and shareholders, material risk factors etc

AF1 Compliance certificate (Senior consolidated)

Compliance certificates in relation to Arqiva Financing No.1 Ltd.

Annual investor presentation

The annual investor presentation which is published at financial year end. This discusses annual results, key developments and business overview.

For the previous financial years (prior to the 2019 financial year), other documents including the Combined Investor report and ABFP Compliance certificate are available for download. These documents were prepared to fulfil the requirements of the 9.5% Junior notes that were outstanding prior to the October 2018 refinancing.