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Arqade makes cloud-based delivery easy

Offering a lower cost and less complex alternative to conventional physical content interchanges, Arqade brings together originators and recipients in a single, online global ecosystem.

Rightsholders and channel owners now have an easy way to syndicate their content while retaining complete control over access.

Broadcasters and TV platform operators can rapidly discover, review and request public packages to create new channels and fill live event schedules.

The workflows are automated and video is delivered in the right format for target regions and platforms. It’s all managed end-to-end for quality of service and availability by Arqiva.

This is one-to-many content distribution made simple.

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Delivering content from anywhere to everywhere

Arqade creates a global ecosystem for content and platform destinations. This is how it works:

  1. Originators create their content packages and channel bouquets
  2. The content is made available through the Arqade platform (with contribution via cloud, satellite or fibre)
  3. Broadcasters and TV platforms discover, review and select packages
  4. Content is automatically processed in the required formats and protocols
  5. Channels and/or live events packages are then distributed everywhere to audiences

Arqade is delivered on a self-service 'pay per use' model for both originators and distributors. Charges only apply when the selected packages and contributions are distributed. 

The platform is fully managed and monitored by Arqiva with access management and security built-in. 

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Who should join the Arqade platform?

Arqade is for anyone ready to escape from traditional broadcast islands and embrace a dynamic, agile and cloud-based future. 

  • Join the Arqade community if you're a sports or events rights owner looking for a much more flexible and lower cost model than global distribution over satellite
  • Join the Arqade community if you're a multi-channel broadcaster or media brand looking for the easiest way to leverage the scale and convenience of public cloud for channel distribution
  • Join the Arqade community if you're an online video platform, delivering OTT services or managing cloud-based process environments. It's the easiest way to acquire cloud-native content without having to build your own broadcast infrastructure
  • Join the Arqade community if you're an emerging brand and want to discover content originating elsewhere in the world - that's easy to technically access and acquire


Unleash the power of cloud

To find out how you can join the Arqade community, contact us at