Caring for our people

We value our people. That’s why we look after everyone’s health, safety and wellbeing, whether they’re based in an office or out in the field maintaining masts, towers or electricity supplies.

We support all of our people and work alongside different business areas to meet their individual needs. An independent team within HR and our people & organisation division, we’re based around the UK to provide both general support and specialist advice.

We experience plenty of variety and take our responsibilities very seriously as we provide support to our colleagues and partners in high and low risk areas. We appreciate that our people are intelligent; which is why our approach is sensible and pragmatic. We ensure everyone has the tools they need to do their job safely. It is also important that our people are empowered to use their safety knowledge to assess their own risks on a day-to-day basis. After all, safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Creating guidelines and carrying out vital checks is only part of the story. People ask for our help with all kinds of things and we work with them to find a solution. We bring together specialist working groups to tackle bigger challenges. And more recently we’ve launched a campaign to get our colleagues thinking about their broader health and wellbeing. Constantly looking at the latest developments, we influence movers and shakers across the business to make sure safety always comes first. And every year we set ourselves bigger and bolder safety targets.

The environment
As well as safeguarding our people, we strive to protect wildlife and the planet. We minimise the impact we make on sites across the country, especially at remote locations with protected habitats and wildlife. We also look at ways to reduce energy consumption through effective energy management in the knowledge that it takes a lot of power to run our business and our infrastructure.

Types of role:

  • Safety, Health and Environment Managers
  • Safety, Health and Environment Advisers

Alan Trueman, Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Manager

Employee profile image

What do I do?

Safety is always of paramount importance to us. So, I make sure SHE is an integral part of all of our business processes from tendering for new works to delivering projects and hand over to business operations. Leading a small team, I spend a lot of time working with colleagues at all levels across the business, looking at risks and setting strategic SHE priorities.

Why did I join Arqiva?

I used to work for one of our contractors and I was really excited by the digital switchover project. The scale of the challenge was unlike anything else I’d seen before. I just had to be part of it! I was also really impressed by the way the team, led by Sally Ford, managed different risks. It’s a real privilege to work with such fantastic people on a range of amazing projects.

What do I enjoy most about my job?

It’s got to be the variety! It may sound a bit clichéd, but no two days are ever the same – and I love it. One day I’ll climb a 1000 mast and talk to our engineers about their SHE issues. And the next day I’ll be in a shirt and tie, presenting to a hundred people at a conference.

There’s something else here that makes my role very enjoyable – and a little bit easier too. At Arqiva, there’s a really positive SHE culture. People welcome it. They value it. And are highly engaged with SHE issues. After all, they know we’ve their best interests at heart.

What am I most proud of?

When it comes to managing risk in certain areas – Arqiva leads the way. And I’m extremely proud of my role in our ongoing success story. Being part of the digital switchover project will always be a career highlight. And I’ll never forget using a helicopter for antenna installations. These experiences challenged and got the best out of me. They helped me get where I am today.

What about my future?

My development has always been well supported. I studied towards my NEBOSH diploma in occupational safety & health here. And now as a relatively new manager, I’m keen to develop my management skills and benefit from the positive framework provided by the Arqiva active management program.

We also have a number of exciting new projects in the pipeline with a variety of different risks to be managed. So, the future here looks very challenging and rewarding. It always is. And I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.