Shaping the future and telling our brand story

Our dynamic team helps all areas of our business to transform and seize new opportunities. The challenges are immense. But so is the potential, as we work at the highest levels to shape our future and our brand.

As the company’s marketing and corporate communications teams, we aim to create a brand that is loved by all customers. That connects people for an enriched and safer life. And that makes listening to the radio, talking to your family and watching your favourite TV programme possible.

When it comes to marketing, we start with a blank piece of paper. We build effective branding, communications and marketing strategies to raise our profile and tell our amazing story. The pace is fast. And new developments mean our story is constantly changing. So, we have to react quickly and create new campaigns to promote all kinds of new services that are transforming the way our world stays connected.

Responsible for our corporate image, our clear and consistent messages make people sit up and take notice of our unique customer journey. New and existing customers that include broadcasters, mobile operators, the emergency services and all kinds of organisations from retail and hospitality to utilities and local government, we also play a big role in supporting cultural change and defining who we are and what we stand for.

Every day we’re involved with something different. We might be participating in board level discussions. We could be managing an event. Or we could be making a big impact on projects ranging from the digital switch over and the launch of a new bandwidth, to the next big thing that will give our customers value and get us ahead of the game.

Together, we’re a vibrant and relatively new team. So you can help to shape the way we do things while shaping the future of our business.

Typical roles:

  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Internal Communications

Helen Knight, Head of Product, Radio & TV

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What do I do?

I head up product management and development for our terrestrial TV and radio business. It’s a challenging job - but I love it. As a company we’re in a really exciting place right now building on our core capabilities of traditional broadcasting and communication networks with new ventures such as Connect TV and Arqiva WiFi. A big part of my role is to seek out new business growth opportunities in the changing media landscape and work in partnership with our customers to help their businesses grow and prosper through leveraging our capabilities; old and new.

Why did I join Arqiva?

I wanted to work in media, so I jumped at the chance to play my part in delivering exceptional content to millions of people every day.

What do I enjoy most about my job?

It’s got to be the people I work with. In my role I need to pull together lots of people from lots of different disciplines, often relying for example, on the relevant technical specialist to bring our ideas to life. I interact at all levels from Management Board through to on-site field staff and work with lots of inspiring people who have a real passion for what they do and a willingness to deliver.

What am I most proud of?

To have made a real impact on the success of the business in a variety of different roles and secondments since I joined the team as a graduate in 2001. I’ve used my specialist commercial experience gained in radio to support our strategic finance team with the NGW bid process. I’ve been an advisor to our legal and economic teams, providing insight during the OFT and Competition Commission review process. And I’ve also spent a year working with our CEO, John Cresswell, as his business planning manager.

What about my future?

Here, my personal development has always been encouraged and supported. The graduate scheme gave me a great insight into the business. I’ve made the most of the secondment opportunities available. And now I’m taking part in the newly launched NGL programme that develops Arqiva’s next generation leaders. So who knows where it will take me? The possibilities are endless.