Improving and safeguarding our business

We manage risks and find the best solutions to help our business grow, improve and make the most of new opportunities. At the forefront of legal work, we often explore new areas and go where no legal team has gone before.

We work closely with all teams across the business. This means that we’re involved with all kinds of interesting projects, from land purchases and new acquisitions to working with Ofcom and drawing up global broadcast contracts. And our job isn’t to just check the small print. We get actively involved. We gain a good understanding of different needs. And we think creatively to minimise risks, provide the best solutions and help the business to achieve its goals.

Sometimes this can be very challenging – really putting our expertise to the test. This is especially so as our world is constantly changing and we support the business as it pioneers new developments. These might be in areas that aren’t properly regulated or perhaps don’t have any set precedents. We sit at the heart of the business and what’s going on today and tomorrow. We’re the lynchpin that brings people together to protect and improve the business and make sure contracting processes run smoothly.

In the UK there are no ivory towers. We’re loved for being close to our teams and customers, understanding what they’re looking for and always being on hand to look at the bigger picture. We come up with the best solutions and make sure we dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

As the business continues to grow, diversify and pioneer new breakthroughs, we can look forward to even more exciting challenges ahead.

Types of role:

  • Lawyers
  • Commercial Lawyers
  • Property Lawyers