At the forefront of innovation

First and foremost we are an engineering services company. And our Engineers enjoy working on all kinds of fantastic projects at the forefront of technology that push them to the limits.

Every day hundreds of Engineers with different expertise work together to improve and maintain our unique broadcast engineering and wireless communications infrastructure. It’s an enormous challenge. But we thrive on it. From satellites and TVs to hilltop masts and mobile phones, we keep people anywhere and everywhere connected to a continuous stream of information.

Whether you’re a graduate engineer, a specialist, or looking to broaden your experience, these are just some of the challenges you could look forward to:

  • Constantly improving our vast estate of masts and antennas and identifying where to put new ones
  • Multiplexing pure studio signals, so that people can watch their favourite TV programmes
  • Working with our telecoms team to move content from one place to another
  • Bouncing signals off satellites, streaming live TV perfectly and keeping thousands of different channels on air 365 days a year
  • Making sure emergency services can stay in touch with each other and save people’s lives
  • Taking on a lead role in the digital TV and radio switch overs – it’s what we achieved for the UK’s largest ever broadcast engineering project
  • Opening up networks to new customers and creating connected cities with WiFi hubs
  • Working hard to make sure mobile phone calls and messages get through in an instant
  • Harnessing the latest technologies to break into new space and transform the customer experience.

Without our engineering expertise, none of this could be possible. So join us and help to find ingenious and smarter ways to connect people and content.

Typical roles:

  • Broadcast Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Diagnostic Engineers
  • Field Engineers
  • Networking Engineers
  • Pre-sales Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Telecoms Engineers
  • Operational Support Specialists
  • Satellite Engineering Specialists
  • Service Desk Engineers
  • Technical Specialists

Emma Plum, Power Systems Technician

Employee profile image

What do I do?

I keep our transmitting equipment running smoothly by maintaining all kinds of switchboards, changeover systems, generators and dehydrators. I’m part of a fantastic team at Emley Moor that’s always on hand to provide me with advice and guidance. And I’m not just learning all the time at work. I spend one day a week at my local college, studying towards an electrical installation qualification.

What do I enjoy most about my job?

The variety! When you’re a technician, there’s no such thing as a typical day. We deal with different equipment across different sites and find ingenious solutions to issues we’ve never come across before.

Why did I join Arqiva?

The apprenticeship scheme offered me great training and the chance to learn something new.

What was the apprenticeship scheme like?

It was brilliant. On the one hand I gained invaluable practical experience working with the field services team. And on the other I was able to learn new skills at college and gain a BTEC national certificate in telecommunications. Balancing work and study isn’t easy, but the team was fantastically supportive and all of the apprentices helped each other. I fitted in from day one, as everyone here is so friendly and down-to-earth.

What about my future?

In the short-term I’m really looking forward to completing my course. Beyond that I’m going to keep on learning and make the most of the many different career opportunities Arqiva offers.