The Arqiva story and what makes us tick

We’ve created broadcasting history, but we’re still one of the industry’s best-kept secrets. So, take the time to discover more about us, our culture, our values and a story of transformation that goes back over 80 years.

We’ve been at the heart of UK broadcasting from the very beginning. And today our unique broadcast engineering and wireless communications infrastructure enables us to provide network solutions and services for the digital world. Through satellites, cables, masts, dishes and a whole host of services, we keep a continuous stream of information flowing. Fundamentally, we’re the people who provide much of the infrastructure behind the UK’s television, radio, satellite and wireless communications.

In order to adapt to the rapidly-changing world around us we’ve transformed the way in which people connect with one another. Here, you can look forward to joining a friendly and professional team who embody our values and are passionate about being the best in everything we do. Whether this is helping colleagues to fulfil their full potential, shaping the next big project or ensuring we continue to lead the way with the design, deployment, ownership and operation of our advanced communications and broadcast networks.

It takes a special kind of person to work in our fast-paced environment. You must be intelligent, resourceful, approachable, inspiring and down-to-earth – and that’s just for starters. Because of who we are (a quiet and conscientious bunch), we’re content to make others look brilliant. But we still have our own aspirations and ambitions for the future. And you’ll play a key role in achieving them.

Diversity and Inclusion

Arqiva is driven by strong values and a commitment to creating an environment where everyone can be the best that they can be; our commitment to diversity and being inclusive is a fundamental part of this. We value individuality, focussing on identifying and implementing activities that continually further this commitment.

Every day we face an enormous challenge. But we’re never fazed by our responsibilities. We enjoy what we do. We are proud to have created a great place to work. And whatever our role, we’re passionate about helping to make a difference to thousands of lives. So, why don’t you join us?