Virtualisation in the broadcast industry

An Arqiva Satellite & Media whitepaper exploring the benefits of virtualisation in the delivery of common media services.

Finance, engineering and retail industries have all made significant moves to adopt cloud-based delivery of development and production environments. Media and broadcast businesses are now seeking the anticipated benefits of virtualisation that have driven other markets to adopt the transformation.

In January of 2016 Arqiva Satellite & Media conducted market research on virtualisation in the broadcast industry. It sought to understand what broadcasters plans for adoption were and the perceived benefits and barriers.

This paper begins with an introduction to virtualisation and orchestration. Following that, we explore the benefits of orchestration in the delivery of common media services. We then examine the relative merits of public versus private cloud environments, and their suitability in delivering the commercial flexibility and cost reduction drivers noted in the market research. Finally, we review the maturity of the vendors approach to application development and accompanying commercial models.

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