MIP - Better connecting rural Britain

Our business operates across a number of sectors. We provide the vital communication services that make it possible for public and private organisations to connect people for enriched and safer lives.

And it’s for that reason that we’re proud to announce that we’ve been selected to deliver the government’s £150m Mobile Infrastructure Project, known as MIP, to improve mobile coverage across the UK.

MIP will enable mobile services to be delivered to some of the most
remote locations and communities in the UK where no mobile signal is
currently available.

We will be responsible for a full-scale roll-out including mobile network planning and design, sourcing and acquiring sites, building the infrastructure (including masts), installing the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) equipment and operating the sites - after the equipment has been commissioned by the MNOs.

All the MNOs will use the new infrastructure when it is built. We will own and manage the sites and the passive infrastructure; the MNOs will be responsible for their active equipment (i.e. their base stations and antennas) and the actual service to the end user.

MIP is a key part of the Government’s package of measures to reinforce the UK’s position as a leading digital economy. An announcement on which locations will benefit from improved mobile coverage is expected this summer.

Our core MIP team, complemented by a number of carefully selected sub-contractors, will start work immediately, with the first sites expected to be live early autumn.