Future of Innovation in Television Technology

New report launched by the Digital TV Group

Last week at the DTG Summit the FITT report, an 18-month collaborative industry project, was launched. The challenge for the Taskforce was to determine, 'what specific measures should be implemented to leverage the UK's track record of innovating in televsion technology to deliver sustainable UK economic growth through high technology leadership?'

The report covers new reviews of Consumer Trends, the Evolution of Devices and Applications, Computing for the Creative Industries, Data Management, and, Future Networks and Infrastructure...

You can download a copy of the report here: http://www.dtg.org.uk/projects/fittt_latest.html

“Arqiva welcomes the key points in the Future of Innovation in Television Technology Taskforce report. We firmly support its call-to-action to ensure long-term vibrancy and competitiveness of the UK TV market, championing broad consumer choice across TV platforms and the on-going role for free and pay TV."

John continued; "However, it’s clear that the longevity of TV relies on the Government providing certainty and clarity to the industry, so it can continue to invest and innovate. This includes the need for commitments around the availability of sufficient spectrum to ensure Freeview can continue to offer a diverse range of channels nationwide, as well as the necessary support for a future DVB-T2 switchover to allow more HD, and ultimately ultra-HD, programming.

We also note with interest the report’s focus on some new technological developments – in particular the role of WiFi in enhancing connectivity to provide viewers with new services, as well as the future importance of innovation related to the Internet of Things.

Indeed, as well as having a strong heritage in, and commitment to broadcasting, Arqiva is continuing to invest in both of these areas – we have recently announced our commitment to build and run a dedicated Internet of Things network, starting with 10 cities across the UK, using SIGFOX’s ultra-narrowband technology to be part of their global network.”