WiFi in Retail Banking

Technology has revolutionised the finance sector, just as it has with so many other industries.

Technology has revolutionised the finance sector, just as it has with so many other industries.

Technology has revolutionised the finance sector, just as it has with so many other industries.

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It allows consumers easier access to their money, right around the clock, while also helping banks become dramatically more efficient behind the scenes. With the appropriate security measures in place, everybody benefits.

At the heart of this shift is connectivity and, more specifically, WiFi.

Banks up and down the UK’s high streets are finding new, WiFi-fuelled ways to increase productivity and improve services for their customers. WiFi has the power to change the way they conduct long-distance meetings, how they interact with customers and even how to maintain an organised meeting room schedule.

Workplace agility

In the “Heart of House” (staff-only) areas in branch, as well as in the admin offices, corporate WiFi allows management and their employees to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Meetings across branches and even countries become much more time and cost-efficient when VoIP services can be used. For instance – it’s no longer an issue if a director in Australia or the US needs to be involved in a discussion with management in the UK, or vice versa.

Similarly, a member of staff whose role requires them to spend time in different branches around the country – an area manager perhaps – will likely need to be connected wherever they are. Having company or partner guests depending on inconsistent mobile connections, or less secure public hotspots, could cause frustration, delays and other issues.

In administrative offices, meeting room and hot desk space is always a challenge. Corporate WiFi allows staff greater flexibility as to where they can securely work and access all their corporate email, folders, calendars and more.

Helping you provide a better service

In attempts to reduce queuing times, many banks have taken to serving customers as soon as they walk through the door. Armed with WiFi-enabled tablet computers, staff are able to access the network-stored files and information necessary to help people away from their desks.

We’re also seeing more self-service terminals installed in banking environments, where customers are able to complete online banking tasks and find the information they need quickly and securely, without any human help. These too are fuelled by WiFi, to ensure everything works in real-time with the bank’s wider system.

WiFi as a value added service

WiFi has changed the banking experience for the public as well. The ability to stay connected while queueing and banking is often expected by consumers who prefer not to have to stop using data-dependent applications like Facebook and Twitter once they step inside.

The chance to rearrange finances and make transfers while waiting to speak to a clerk can also be beneficial for some customers. It gives them a chance to get everything in order, so they know exactly what they need help with. Being free to do this in a secure environment is more important to your customers than you might realise.

With this in mind, WiFi can help to boost visitor satisfaction, leaving your customers happier to return for more help or services.

In a more peripheral manner, WiFi can assist with improving branch design and flow of customers through their physical environment.

Finally, should the bank so choose, it can interact directly with customers through carefully curated messages. These are pushed to the customer’s personal device, allowing them to take advantage of special, tailored offers.

Arqiva: Your perfect WiFi partner

There are plenty of WiFi providers out there, but none have the experience, technical skills and infrastructure offered by Arqiva. We truly are the experts in WiFi services for businesses, and we work with major partners across a variety of sectors, including retail banking.

It’s not just our skills that separate us from the rest of the industry, however.

Our main goal will always be to meet your WiFi needs (what problem do you want to solve?) whatever you’re looking for and however you’re currently set up. We can provide a fully managed end-to-end service, including all aspects of design, kit and connectivity, or we can provide an ‘overlay’ service, including select components, using the customer’s connectivity and/or kit. We appreciate the importance of maintaining personal relationships with our clients, and are ready to work closely with you – and your existing partners – to understand exactly how best to add value to your business. Once a plan is in place, we make it all happen with minimal disruption.

Unrivalled flexibility and service

We’ve worked with countless organisations in our time as a specialist WiFi provider, and every project has been unique. Different companies have different needs, which is something we must factor into our operations.

To this end, we are brand-agnostic in both connectivity and kit. For example, although we maintain an invaluable strategic partnership with networking giant Cisco, we’re not tied to any one provider – this allows us the luxury to objectively analyse all available solutions and pick the one that best suits your business and its WiFi objectives.

In order to operate effectively, every bank will have a network of partners and suppliers, delivering everything from computer hardware to security solutions. Our willingness to work with these companies is a big part of what makes our WiFi projects progress and prompt customers to say we’re leading the way in supplier relations. We’re even ready to hold open conversations with existing WiFi and network providers, to ensure the handover is seamless for you.

Add to all of this the opportunity for the Arqiva solution to generate revenue through multiple streams including media, wholesale and roaming, and comprehensive support around the clock, from a UK-based contact centre: it’s easy to see why Arqiva is the best choice for corporate and public WiFi in retail banking.