Connectivity in conference centres and venues

The UK is home to thousands of conference centres and venues, each one acting as an invaluable hub for businesses of all kinds.

Conference venues present some unique challenges when it comes to connectivity.

Conference venues present some unique challenges when it comes to connectivity.

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The volume of companies operating in the sector, however, means that competition is always high. Meeting client and visitor needs consistently, therefore, is crucial – and connectivity plays a massive part in that.

The importance of connectivity

Exhibitors and visitors demand constant connectivity, not only for stands and presentations, but for their ever-expanding arsenals of personal devices; think smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables.
Beyond this, you have all of the behind-the-scenes operations to consider. With the Internet of Things (IoT) quickly taking hold, connected appliances and devices are becoming crucial to the way we manage buildings and spaces. For it to exist, though, the right connectivity infrastructure is imperative.

More than just WiFi

Talk about connectivity in a public place and most people will turn straight to WiFi. In truth, though, this is just one part of a much larger technological puzzle – a puzzle that Arqiva can help you put together.
Alongside WiFi, we also build and run full-scale cellular networks, designed to ensure reliable 3G and 4G connectivity is available in all areas of the building. This is something we’ve already achieved in London’s famous ExCel centre, a venue used by hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Arqiva’s agnostic approach is part of what separates us from our peers. We appreciate that different venues call for different solutions, which is why our main goal is to determine and deliver the technologies best suited to your needs. This could be

WiFi, cellular or a combination of both.

What’s more, our solutions benefit everybody – not just the customers of one particular network operator. Why alienate the customers of a particular operator when you can cater for all?

Construction challenges

Conference venues present some unique challenges when it comes to connectivity. The first is caused by building fabrication.
These often-large structures are built around what are essentially steel cages, which can prevent radio signals making their way in from networks outside. This makes it difficult to gain significant coverage from WiFi and cellular perspectives.
Our solution is to build connectivity infrastructure within the venue itself, ensuring signals remain strong, fast and reliable at all times. It’s something our team has a wealth of experience in, having worked in some of the UK’s largest conference venues.

Connectivity in a high-footfall environment

The second challenge comes in the form of people, and the sheer volumes that conference venues tend to experience. With millions of visitors every year – and often tens of thousands present at one time – telecommunication networks must be ready to stand up to extremely heavy use without compromising speed or reliability. This applies to both WiFi and cellular solutions.
Our experience in and understanding of high-density telecoms networks puts us in the best possible position to advise on what’s best for you, then build and run it accordingly. It’s for this reason that we’re trusted to work on major developments like Canary Wharf, where there’s little room for error.

Your project, your solution

We work a little differently to most providers, in that our solutions are tailored to what works for you and your tenants. We can adapt the logging-on process for example, either to make it easier for users or to harvest more information for your own benefit.

Our customers choose how to monetise their connectivity solutions as well. You could opt to charge users for access, or you might find that a free service paid for through advertising is the best way to complement your existing products. Either way, the decision is yours.

More than all of this, our services aren’t branded. You won’t find Arqiva logos spread across the log-in portal, or our name in the landing-page URL – those spaces are left free for you. The result is more consistency across your own branding efforts, with the benefit of Arqiva’s technical expertise.

We are your experts

Arqiva’s experience in public and corporate connectivity is peerless. As well as London’s ExCel centre, we’ve delivered comprehensive WiFi and cellular solutions at Heathrow Airport, Canary Wharf, the Tower of London and across the Premier Inn hotel chain – all high-footfall environments.

Nobody knows telecoms and connectivity like we do. Get in touch today to find out more from our team of experts.