Connect TV - Subscription

With Connect TV, broadcasters can now mix free-to-air content with subscription-based television services.

Connect TV supports subscription-based television services.

Connect TV supports subscription-based television services.

Connect TV
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Viewers have come to expect the inclusion of various content types as part of their day-to-day television experience and will often value choice in high-esteem. We therefore recognised the need to add a subscription payment option to our Connect TV Single Channel and Portal service offerings, so broadcasters could push premium content and extra channels to their viewers in return for a small subscription fee.


Arqiva has the flexibility to help maximise your return on investment...

Our subscription solution gives you direct access to your subscribers and revenue source rather than having to outsource payment to a separate platform operator. There’s no longer a need to dissect and dilute subscription revenue across various parties and stakeholders. We have the resources available to help you maximise your return on investment.


  • Subscription lets channels charge for their Connect TV service with a weekly or monthly subscription from a credit or debit card.
  • Access to channels can be made only available to viewers who hold a valid subscription.
  • Improve audience engagement and gain a deeper insight to consumer behaviours.
  • Mix free-to-air content with subscription payment options.
  • Includes Arqiva's Reporting tool; an easy-to-read online reporting tool that provides valuable information about your channel’s performance.


  • An online self-service or customer support agent is available to set up and manage subscriber accounts.
  • Facilities for both credit and debit card payments are available.
  • A simple sign-up and content access process avoids off-putting username and password entries having to be made with the remote control.
  • Set up different packages across your Connect TV portal.
  • Session management allows access to either single or multiple TVs or STBs.
  • Additional security can be provided through the application of a secure PIN.