Solution Design

Our approach to design covers everything from the interface to the behind-the-scenes technology.

Our team knows how to design, build and implement the perfect solution.

Our team knows how to design, build and implement the perfect solution.

Connected Solutions
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Arqiva has worked with all kinds of businesses, helping each one to meet its own personal objectives in the most time- and cost-effective way possible. If the time we’ve spent at the forefront of the broadcast industry has taught us anything, it’s that every customer is unique. Goals differ from one project to another, and achieving them comes down to the careful work carried out by our Solution Design team.

Our approach to design covers everything from the interface the end-user interacts with to the behind-the-scenes technology powering it. It’s at this early stage of the development process where we can determine the exact capabilities of a system.

A flexible approach

Instead of just working for our customers, we work with them. This starts with analysis and architecture design, where we sit with you and listen to what you have to say before drawing up a comprehensive roadmap. The needs you have and the situation you’re in at present will determine what we come up with. It may be that you’d benefit from a complete end-to-end service, or perhaps you have much of the infrastructure already in place and just need the expert help to keep up with an evolving audience. Either way, our team will know how to go about designing, building and implementing the perfect solution.

We don’t believe the process should stop at the implementation stage either. Once the carefully designed system – or even collection of systems – has been built and implemented, we’ll stick around and ensure you get the most out of it. Experience and knowhow are two things we have in abundance, and our ability to apply them to the operational management of your OTT TV solution makes us unique.

Post-implementation support

The benefits of our Solution Design approach

  • Meet the ever-evolving needs of the constantly connected consumer by implementing a carefully tailored content delivery system
  • Emulate broadcast reliability with your OTT-delivered programming
  • Distribute content through an interface that works for your target audience, regardless of its technological prowess
  • Use a simple, convenient and intuitive interface to enhance customer experience, boost viewing figures and develop further revenue-building opportunities – just like broadcasting giants UKTV and Discovery before you

Today’s consumers are constantly connected. They demand content wherever they are, at times that suit their busy schedules, meaning their willingness to compromise on quality and reliability is rapidly disappearing. Providers that realise and respect this are in the best position to move full steam ahead into an exciting new age of entertainment. That journey begins with Arqiva’s Solution Design team.