Connect TV - Single Channel

Arqiva's Connect TV Single Channel service is the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective way to gain access to the UK's largest TV audience.

Connect TV's Single Channel service offers seamless integration with Freeview platforms.

Connect TV's Single Channel service offers seamless integration with Freeview platforms.

Connect TV
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It has never been easier to connect with the Freeview television audience. The Connect TV Single Channel service utilises IP-delivered, linear streams to steer content directly to your TV or set-top box (STB). Connect TV's Single Channel service represents a chance to achieve a near ubiquitous service; your IP-delivered content can be received on the majority of all internet connected Freeview HD devices. Streaming content couldn’t be simpler.

Connecting with Freeview and freesat audiences just got easier and more cost effective...

We give channel providers an option when traditional broadcast may not be an option. A channel delivered via Arqiva's Single Channel service will appear as any other; remaining part of the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), housing a dedicated channel number and incorporating all other standard functionality viewers have now come to expect. Who said change is difficult?


  • The Connect TV Single Channel service gives quick access to the connected free-to-air audience. Content is delivered directly to the living room TV or STB.
  • Selecting a Single Channel couldn't be more straightforward. Simply select the channel you want to watch from the EPG or enter the direct channel number through your remote.
  • The Single Channel service opens up the Freeview market to channels that may not have been able to afford traditional broadcast technology.
  • The Single Channel is not hidden in the application menu you find on some Smart TVs. It's part of the EPG.
  • The service continues to work when receivers are updated; lowering development and maintenance costs.
  • Single Channel is supported across all D-Book 6.2.1. or later Freeview HD TVs and STBs
  • Includes Arqiva's Reporting tool; an easy-to-read online reporting tool that provides valuable information about your channel’s performance.


  • Display Now and Next information so viewers know what's on and what's coming up.
  • Arqiva's Single Channel is covered by our high availability service level agreements - just like a broadcast channel.
  • Single Channel is delivered using industry standard protocols so time to market, for a licensed channel, is short
  • Single Channel is delivered as an end-to-end service with streaming included within the service.