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High quality events from around the globe..

We distribute live events across multiple locations, helping your event stand out from the rest

We distribute live events across multiple locations, helping your event stand out from the rest

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What we do

We link people, venues and companies through video, using high quality satellite and web solutions. From high impact product launches and remote broadcast of keynote speeches to the transmission of conferences and exhibitions, our in-house team of experts can assist you.

Working closely with you, we can design a solution and broadcast your event professionally, on time and to a specification to help your event really stand out from the rest.

How we do it

At the heart of our service is our global satellite and fibre network. We provide all of the necessary technical expertise, equipment and facilities to broadcast your live content to any worldwide location.

The following illustration demonstrates our live delivery capabilities:


Why Arqiva?

Our extensive experience in broadcast ensures that live events are delivered with high levels of reliability and quality.

As a fully managed service we provide you with:

  • End to end controlsatellite gives you control of the whole path from transmission to reception
  • Broadcast equipment – we deploy the same technology as we do for live news and sports broadcasts, ensuring reliability and built-in redundancy
  • Integrated streaming solutions – can include satellite, webcasting and video conferencing to match communication requirements
  • We can do everything from production to transmission to global satellite distribution and IP streaming

Who we work with

As well as the world’s broadcasters, we work with PR agencies, experiential media companies, audio-visual providers and events companies. We have experience across multiple market sectors delivered across all parts of the globe.


SNG & Production Services

Satellite News Gathering (SNG) vehicles provide the perfect solution to capture and uplink live content.


Occasional Use Satellite Capacity

Our dedicated occasional use (OU) satellite capacity allows us to efficiently distribute live content around the globe.


TV Distribution

Our UK terrestrial television, global satellite, fibre and IP networks are trusted to deliver over 500 channels worldwide. We know what it takes to get you on air.


Media Teleport Solutions

Put your video and data satellite transmissions in safe hands with our teleport solutions.