IP Streaming

IP Streaming for Permanent and Occasional Use services

IP Streaming

IP Streaming

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+44 (0)1494 878 787

Arqiva has an established reputation for the provision of high-quality Broadcast Playout & Media and Occasional Use; these services involve delivering channel origination, content and distribution.

Traditionally, contribution and distribution have been achieved using satellite and fibre technologies; however, IP (Internet Protocol) has rapidly evolved to be a reliable method of both cheaply and efficiently contributing and distributing content throughout the market. Arqiva can now complement its existing services with the ability to stream content via IP on behalf of B2B and B2C customers.

Whether you wish to make your content available to a restricted list of affiliates or want to stream your channel to your viewers’
‘second screen’ devices via such systems as Apple iOS, Android, MPEG DASH or Microsoft Smooth Stream, Arqiva’s IP Streaming product can support your requirements.

Additionally, with respect to traditional distribution, IP Streaming can provide you with easily accessible confidence streams enabling you to view your content across the globe. Arqiva can also help protect your content with the application of DRM such as Microsoft PlayReady or by region through Geo-blocking. With 24/7 monitoring of your content streams, your streamed media is supported with the same rigorous standards as your traditionally delivered content. 

Your content to any device, anywhere

IP Streaming

Features and benefits

  • Provides IP streaming for Playout, OEvents,Confidence Feeds, Private customer streams,
  • Input Feeds supported: SD-SDI, HD-SDI, ASI, H.264
  • Output streams supported: Microsoft Smooth
  • Stream (MSS), Apple iOS (HLS), Android (HDS) & MPEG DASH
  • Streaming player can be provided upon request.
  • Adaptive Bit Rates to suit different devices
  • SNMP Monitoring of stream through Data Miner
  • Google Analytics
  • Geo-blocking – Limiting content to region or exclusive of regions. Also able to limit to device
  • DRM Support – Microsoft PlayReady, WideVine
  • Graphic Overlay up to 4 layers
  • CDN Resilience is also available maintaining good high quality reception for the consumer

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