Freeview HD (High Definition)

As audience’s television screens get bigger, so does the demand for HD (High Definition) services. Freeview HD provides the perfect platform to distribute great content with advanced picture quality…

Freeview HD - distribute your great content with advanced picture quality

Freeview HD - distribute your great content with advanced picture quality


HD penetration is growing

Transmitting from 25 sites, Freeview HD services cover over 70% of the UK. Watched by approximately 7m UK households, including 5.5m on the households’ primary television set, Freeview HD penetration continues to grow.

Provide viewers with an HD experience

Up to 15 free HD channels are already available.

Freeview HD gives audiences access to your content with a higher clarity picture, which is becoming increasingly important when viewing on larger screens is now more common.

All the viewer requires is a Freeview HD receiver and HD compatible television, enabling access to the HD services free of charge, with no need for a subscription.

Now is the time to secure your place in the EPG for HD services

Your HD channel is more discoverable on Freeview. With fewer HD services than on other platforms in the UK, Freeview HD viewers are more likely to discover your content.

Technology knowhow in a one-stop-shop

We like to make technology accessible. That’s why our approach is simple: one fee covers access to the platform, as well as all of the transmission costs. This ensures your HD channel is up and running as quickly as possible and we help you make that channel easy to find.