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Because moving your content is vital to your business, we'll make sure it happens.

Fibre & IP connectivity for critical connections

Fibre & IP connectivity for critical connections

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Our global fibre network and internet access services provide superfast, secure and reliable global delivery of video, data and more.

Rely on fibre for great network connectivity

We know that for many of our customers good just isn’t good enough. So because quick, continuous and secure fibre connectivity is mission critical to you, we operationally deliver network service availability to a minimum of 99.999%. 

This explains why our fibre network is trusted by the UK emergency services, as well as major international broadcasters and blue chip companies.

Connectivity designed for security

What makes us different, and we believe better, is our wealth of broadcast expertise. Our radio and TV customers depend on our connectivity solutions to deliver their content absolutely right first time. That's why our connectivity solutions are designed for security and optimised for broadcast content.

Network expertise

No matter what your media connectivity needs are, we can help. We offer a range of network solutions for data, audio and video - from 64kbit/s up to 40Gbit/s. Through our networks, you'll be able to access worldwide cable head-ends, DTH satellite platforms and OTT platform operators and connect multiple locations with complete confidence. In short, letting us look after your connectivity needs lets you concentrate on your business.

Internet contribution and distribution solutions

Sending your broadcast content via the internet demands the best IP connectivity. That’s what you get with our internet access services. Our experts have combined the best options to deliver the ultimate internet contribution and distribution solutions. This means content is delivered consistently and avoids frustrating delays.

Take your content across the world

What's more we connect you to Tier 1 Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These are directly connected to every other ISP, effectively giving you global access through a single connection. In simple terms we'll make sure your content travels the world more quickly, more reliably and more securely. All of which explains why major international broadcasters choose our internet access services.

Media Processing

While your content passes through our networks we can transform it into whatever format is required for the ultimate destination. Whether that is a specific mezzanine format for delivery to a network operator; or a range of adaptive bitrate streaming formats for delivery to a direct to consumer content delivery network (CDN).

Find out more about our media processing capabilities.

“Our radio and TV customers depend on our connectivity solutions to deliver their content absolutely right first time. That’s not all. Our internet access experts make sure our broadcast customers’ content travels the world more quickly, more reliably and more securely.”

Read more about Arqnet – Our international terrestrial fibre network and find out how we helped Canal+ deliver local programming out of Africa to it's uplink facility in Paris for inclusion in the Afrique PAY-TV package.

Download our latest whitepaper, Exploring internet contribution and distribution which has been compiled in partnership with Net Insight.

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