Digital Terrestrial Television

Our infrastructure and engineering expertise ensures Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) broadcasters reach their audiences across the UK.

Terrestrial Television

A great deal of complex, behind-the-scenes work goes into delivering the hundreds of channels enjoyed by millions of people across the UK each and every day. On the UK DTT network, a channel goes on an epic journey before it reaches people’s screens, and we are involved at every step of the way.

We are responsible for managing and maintaining the 1,154 transmitter sites dotted across the UK; the infrastructure that delivers the broadcasts signals straight to your Freeview and YouView televisions or set-top boxes (STB). This service ensures UK DTT multiplex operators, as well as our own commercial multiplexes, stay on the air and keep UK television audiences glued to their seats.

We’re proud to play such a critical role in the world of TV in the UK. Always.

Further details regarding our infrastructure, TV network design, multiplexing, distribution, transmission and carriage via our DTT television services are available below: