Media Processing

Trust Arqiva's media processing solutions to capture, aggregate and process channels, events and files for onward delivery and distribution.

Arqiva provides the logical choice for your media processing needs

Arqiva provides the logical choice for your media processing needs

We have a unique capacity to offer an end-to-end solution, from acquisition to processing and delivery to TV platforms, content aggregators, OTT services and distributors.

End-to-end solution from acquisition to delivery

We provide off-the-shelf platforms to aggregate, decode, encode, decrypt and deliver channels, events and files to the destination of your choice.

+1,100 channels available in our network

Benefit from the extensive portfolio of channels already available in our network. Acquire content, create and aggregate your own package of channels… We will deliver them in any format, anywhere.

Scalable and flexible solution

Our solution is built to support your growth and success. We utilise both private and public cloud infrastructure for flexibility and rapid scaling.

Video-on-demand processing

Our media processing capabilities include video on demand processing, covering transcoding and packaging into the formats required by traditional pay TV platforms, social-media sites and OTT service providers. Support sources include occasional events, full-time channels (live2VoD) and file archives. Find out more about our VoD processing capabilities.

IP Streaming

As well as processing and distributing linear channels and events to traditional destination we can also process them for delivery to OTT services and social media sites. We can deliver adaptive bitrate streams in multiple formats ready for direct to consumer services as well at IP streams (e.g. RTMP). Find out more about our IP streaming capabilities.

Media Connectivity

Thanks to our extensive satellite and fibre network and innovative internet contribution solution, we can acquire content from anywhere, process it and deliver it cost effectively. Find out more about our media processing capabilities.

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