Connect TV - Channel Portal

The Connect TV Channel Portal is an opportunity to give your connected TV viewers what they want - an enhanced TV experience with more choice and more content.

The Connect TV Channel Portal presents users with a branded, intuitive navigational experience.

The Connect TV Channel Portal presents users with a branded, intuitive navigational experience.

Connect TV
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The Connect TV Channel Portal supports up to nine different IP-delivered channels, although one broadcast channel can be included as part of the nine, on a connected Freeview HD TV or set-top box (STB). The Channel Portal service provides broadcasters with the opportunity to deliver richer content through branded portals with an intuitive navigational experience.

Give connected audiences the content they've been waiting for...

The Channel Portal is accessible directly through the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). Users can access the content directly by keying in the channel number through their remote control, or from within a DTT channel via the red button.


  • The Channel Portal allows multiple channels to be grouped by a parent brand, improving your presence on the Freeview television platform, as well as your value to advertisers.
  • Group channels by theme, such as music or travel, to help keep viewers engaged with your content.
  • Navigation is consistent across all TVs and STBs; users will feel familiar and comfortable with the navigation right from the word go.
  • The Channel Portal is supported across all D-Book 6.2.1 or later Freeview HD TVs and STBs.
  • Includes Arqiva's Reporting tool; an easy-to-read on-line reporting tool that provides valuable information about your channel’s performance.


  • The Channel Portal's modular design is both easy to navigate and easy to personalise. Build a channel portal that is tailored to serve your exact needs.
  • The Channel Portal supports free-to-air, encrypted and subscription content delivery.
  • Arqiva's Channel Portal package is covered by our high availability service level agreements - just like a broadcast channel.
  • Delivered as an end-to-end service (streaming included).