Smart Metering

Connecting smart meters wherever they are

Smart Metering

Smart Metering


Smart Metering Technology

We’re connecting smart meters wherever they are located, using our proven smart metering communications solution. This will help people to realise the benefits that electricity and gas smart meters are expected to bring.

The business case for smart metering is expected to reach £5.7bn net benefits for consumers, energy suppliers and network operators. With the help of Smart Energy GB, consumers are recognising the potential benefits smart metering can bring to them, including an end to estimated bills, control of energy and faster and simpler switching of suppliers. For energy suppliers, the benefits range from operational cost savings in meter readings to reduced call centre traffic on consumers’ estimated bills. This enables them to provide improved customer services, accuracy in theft detection and also contributes towards reducing accumulated debt. Smart metering will also benefit network operators through improved electricity outage management and network failure resolutions which will enable savings through informed investment decisions.

Smart Metering Service Provider

GB now boasts the largest, most complex and secure global smart metering deployment. This infrastructure links electricity and gas meters with energy suppliers, network operators and other authorised service users of the network, providing better system communication and easier switching for consumers and suppliers.

Arqiva, as Service Provider to the Data and Communications Company (DCC), is delivering the communications service needed to connect smart electricity and gas meters in around 10 million homes and businesses in the North of England and Scotland.

We’ve already demonstrated that our solution will connect to over 99% of smart energy and water meters wherever they are using a single long-range radio technology. This spans urban and rural locations, all property types and all meter locations. Our technology is also proven at scale, based on over 37 million meters and devices connected internationally.

‘Always available’ smart metering

What’s more, our network is designed to be “always available”, so that utilities can provide time-critical smart services – from crediting prepayment meters to “demand side management” – whenever and wherever, their customers need them.

Our solution is inherently secure, reliable and resilient. As such, it’s also ideally suited to meet the challenging requirements of smart electricity grids and smart water networks.

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