Surenet – IP contribution and distribution service

Assured delivery of your audio and data content from studio to transmitter interface, via a fully scalable managed, broadcast grade, IP contribution and distribution service.

We provide valuable experience with hill-top content delivery and service management.

We provide valuable experience with hill-top content delivery and service management.


Fully managed and scalable service

Our next generation high availability, broadcast grade, content delivery service is suited to FM or AM Broadcasters of any scale. Offering a resilient point to point, or point to multipoint fully managed service, scalable to meet your business needs.

Provisioned across our own optical Transport Network, Surenet is THE replacement service for the soon to be obsolescent BT Kilostream, and Musicline product offerings.

Tailored to meet your needs

Tiered service levels, flexible disaster recovery options, enhanced continuity and redundancy options means Surenet is agile enough to meet your businesses changing needs and support future growth.

We provide valuable experience with hill-top content delivery and service management.

Peace of mind

Our 24/7 service management and fault handling operation delivers peace of mind through end-to-end network monitoring, performance analysis, automated trend analysis and reporting.

We hold centralised spares stock for nationwide dispatch 24/7. And with a UK-wide field support network we ensure you stay “On Air”.

The Surenet service features include:

  • Analogue or Digital Audio interfaces, in band RS232 and GPIO ancillary data carriage for interfacing with existing transmitter programme interface.
  • High quality reverse path audio monitoring for programme logging, or confidence monitoring of services.
  • Quality of service (QOS) to prioritise and protect audio streams. Optimised packet size and forward error correction to ensure service continuity.
  • Secure delivery of Programme content, accredited to recognised security policies in accordance with ISO27001.
  • Low latency delivery, less than 100ms over primary link interface. NTP synchronisation employed to ensure synchronization between geographically adjacent transmitting stations, where required.
  • Broadcast quality encoders/decoders, supporting Enhanced APTx Audio
  • Algorithm in forward path, Stereo Audio encoded at 256kb/s delivering maximum audio dynamic range.
  • Performance trend analysis supported by Skyline Dataminer platform. Built on carrier grade network architecture supporting industry standard protocols and interfaces.

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Case Study

Surenet delivers (COPY)

The largest UK commercial radio broadcasters trust us to deliver a host of their services on the Surenet platform.