Sound Digital multiplex

The second national commercial DAB multiplex, Sound Digital launched in the UK in March 2016.

The launch of Sound Digital saw a significant increase in choice of content for consumers.

The launch of Sound Digital saw a significant increase in choice of content for consumers.


National coverage

Working in collaboration with Bauer and Wireless we built and launched the new network for Sound Digital. We continue to operate the multiplex, distribution network and service provider installations.

The Sound Digital transmission network was engineered to cover 77% of UK households from launch, achieving an optimum combination of national coverage and cost-effectiveness for digital radio stations. Following expansion in 2018 aggregate UK coverage was increased to 83%.

Giving consumers more choice

The launch of Sound Digital saw a significant increase in choice of content for consumers. The multiplex offers a strong variety of content from a range of broadcasters.

The following services currently broadcast on the Sound Digital multiplex:

• talkRADIO - Wireless - News and current affairs
• talkSPORT 2 - Wireless - Live sports and sports talk
• Virgin Radio - Wireless - Rock and pop music
• Virgin Chilled - Wireless - 
• Virgin Anthems - Wireless - 

• Mellow Magic - Bauer Media - Relaxing and melodic music
• Absolute 80s - Bauer Media - 80s music
• Absolute 90s - Bauer Media - 90s music
• Planet Rock - Bauer Media - Classic rock music
• Scala Radio - Bauer Media - Classical music
• Sunrise Radio - Sunrise Radio - Asian music and speech programmes
• UCB 2 - United Christian Broadcasters - Christian music
• Premier Christian Radio - Premier Media Group - Christian music and speech
• Premier Praise - Premier Media Group - Popular Christian music and spiritual content
• Love Sport Radio - A Spokesman Said Ltd - Sports talk with latest news and scores
• Fun Kids (DAB+) - Folder Media - National children’s radio station
• Forces Radio BFBS (DAB+) - Forces Network - entertainment for British Forces community
• Jazz FM (DAB+) - Jazz FM - Jazz, blues and soul
• Jack Radio (DAB+) – Jack FM – All female music
• Union Jack (DAB+) – Jack FM – British music

DAB+ technology

The Sound Digital multiplex is also the first in the UK to use the newer DAB+ technology for some of the services. DAB+ uses less bandwidth than traditional DAB, allowing Sound Digital to carry more stations, expanding listener choice.

Broadcast on Sound Digital

We are keen to treat everyone who is seeking capacity on DAB digital radio fairly. As part of that, we have described some of the principles and processes we follow in this documentTo express a formal interest in running a DAB or DAB+ channel on Sound Digital, email

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