DAB Multiplexing

We receive and aggregate radio content, delivering it through our nationwide network of DAB multiplexes.

The studio will be connected to our multiplexers by diverse connections into our nationwide network

The studio will be connected to our multiplexers by diverse connections into our nationwide network


DAB multiplexing provides a way for disparate radio signals to be combined together into a single stream, ready for transmission. It’s not just radio that uses multiplexing, though: both telephony and TV (in both standard and high definition) are also reliant.

Our multiplexing infrastructure is part of what makes us unique. We operate the UK’s largest network of these multiplexing hubs. Rather than operating independently from one another, these hubs are connected using resilient and diverse telecoms circuits.

Maximum flexibility for our customers

Operating in this way allows us to be agile. We can quickly and securely route services around the network as and when necessary, to wherever they’re required. It gives us, and more importantly you, our customer, an invaluable level of flexibility.

This agility feeds back to our goal of meeting the individual needs of every broadcaster we work with. We’re not in the business of one-size-fits-all solutions – we’re here to make sure your solution is tailored to get the best possible results.

How does it all work?

Having gone through the coding and contribution stage, the studio will be connected to our multiplexers by diverse connections into our nationwide network. These are arranged in a network that covers the length and breadth of the country so that content can be multicast (shared) across two or more licence areas without the need for further costly telecoms circuits.

Ultimate peace of mind

Each multiplexing centre has well-protected energy supplies and back-up generators to guard against interruptions to the mains power supplies and they’re housed in secure facilities.

Together, these measures help to keep everything running smoothly.

Working with us

DAB multiplexing, whilst complex as a process, is pretty easy to summarise. It brings together all of the services for specific areas around the country and connects them to the equipment needed to produce the signal that’s sent out to transmitters. It’s the way in which we handle this process, however, that really makes a difference.

As well as state-of-the-art technology and one of the UK’s largest broadcast networks, we bring an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Having been involved in the radio industry for the best part of a century, we know exactly how to meet customers’ needs and get results.

We have the experts in place to deal with issues quickly and effectively to minimise disruption. It all goes back to that agility we spoke of earlier.

Our approach to DAB multiplexing, and radio broadcasting in general, really does set us apart. We work with our customers from start to finish – and beyond – to ensure everything is perfectly aligned with your objectives.

As those objectives change, so too will our approach. You’ll always have the very best.

Our experts are always on hand to discuss DAB multiplexing and radio delivery in further detail. To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch today.

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