Managed Transmission Services

Our end-to-end radio solution handles the entire process from studio to listener. Managed Transmission Services (MTS) are bespoke to each customer and provide invaluable peace of mind.

A key link in the broadcast chain is Managed Transmission Services (MTS)

A key link in the broadcast chain is Managed Transmission Services (MTS)


We specialise in dealing with the technical aspects of radio broadcasting; keeping everything safe, reliable and under control, enabling you to do what you do best, creating great content.

A key link in the broadcast chain are Managed Transmission Services (MTS); the bespoke, individual transmission system that’s used at each transmitter site to broadcast analogue and DAB radio services. It includes one or more transmitters plus associated monitoring and control systems at more than 1000 sites across the country. From major hill-top sites like Emley Moor in Yorkshire to roof-tops in towns and cities, we provide Managed Transmission Services to our customers covering 99%+ of the UK population.

One-size-fits-all does not exist

Our list of satisfied customers has grown over the decades. It contains organisations of various sizes, from a range of backgrounds and with wildly differing budgets.

Most importantly, though, they all have different needs – which we’re determined to meet.

When we first meet you, we work hard to build an understanding of your business, what you want to achieve and any restrictions imposed by Ofcom. Our MTS solutions will make use of existing infrastructure where possible to reduce costs but will be tailored to ensure it meets your expectations. It may involve the use of specific technologies or perhaps a carefully tailored configuration or it may be appropriate to use existing transmitters in the case of new DAB services. Either way, our solution will be built to work for you, the customer.

Because of the scale of our MTS business, this service is regulated and we have provided undertakings to the UK competition authorities that we will do business with each of our customers on the basis of fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms. These undertakings include strict policies for dealing with each customer in a confidential manner and we will never share your plans with any other customer. Full details of the regulations governing this part of our business can be found here.

We know a thing or two about radio

Broadcasting is a big part of our puzzle. It’s something we’ve been working on for the best part of a century, having started with broadcast radio transmissions back in the 1920s. The wealth of experience we’ve built up in that time is part of what makes us unique – it allows us to meet customers’ needs, whoever they are and whatever it is they’re trying to achieve in radio.

Still have questions? Get in touch with our expert team to find out more about how we can help you.

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