Radio Distribution

We provide an end-to-end solution for radio distribution, managing the entire journey from studio to listener.

We oversee the entire network from our service management centre (SMC) at Emley Moor in Yorkshire

We oversee the entire network from our service management centre (SMC) at Emley Moor in Yorkshire


To distribute radio transmissions, we take the multiplex output and convey the signal to various transmitters for broadcasting. For obvious reasons, it’s often seen as the most important part of the process, but it’s something most listeners won’t even consider.

The technology

As with coding and contribution, telecommunications circuits and microwave links are essential – they make the transmissions possible. The content that’s already aggregated at the multiplex centres needs circuits and links to take it onwards to multiple transmitting stations. It’s from these stations that it makes its way to listeners’ ears.

The number of transmitters used in a network will depend on the area to be covered. For small local services, it may only require one or two transmitters to reach a listener-base of thousands. In contrast, multiplexed content for our national DAB services (Digital One and Sound Digital) is distributed to more than 160 transmitters for reception on millions of consumers’ devices.

Ready to adapt

However big the network used to broadcast a DAB service, it’ll be scaled in an appropriate way for the multiplex in question. Satellite distribution can also be used for the largest networks and, in the case of the national multiplexes, there are two separate satellite feeds to the transmitters.

Our DAB services use a massive network of circuits which is managed centrally. In fact, we oversee the entire network from our service management centre (SMC) at Emley Moor in Yorkshire. This allows us to have a big-picture view of all that’s happening; we can pre-empt problems to ensure outages are avoided, while optimising processes to keep everything running smoothly. The result is a better quality and seamless service for our customers and their listeners.

We are your experts

The fine detail of distribution – and radio broadcasting in general – is a hugely complex process with all manner of variables. This is why our experience is such a big thing for you, our customers: we know what we’re doing.

Having been involved in this industry for more than 90 years, we know it inside out. From providing the transmission capability for the UK Government’s first ever budget broadcast in 1928 to allowing the latest generation of radio presenters to reach their expectant audiences through all manner of devices - we’ve constantly been at the heart of the industry.

A comprehensive service

Adding to this, our unique approach of working closely with you from start to finish allows us to focus on the one thing that matters most: meeting needs. Whatever the end-goals are, we can tailor the technologies and processes to create a bespoke solution that ticks every box. Then, as the market evolves, so too can the service – and we are on hand to make sure everything continues to function as intended.

If you’d like to know more about radio distribution, or how our radio services can help you, get in touch.

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