Digital Radio (DAB)

We deliver millions of digital radio listening hours every day, let us connect you with your digital DAB audience.


At the heart of digital radio

We have been at the heart of digital radio for more than 20 years, establishing the world’s largest DAB digital radio network, right here in the UK. Whether you need an end-to-end transmission network for a new multiplex launch or want to deliver your content to a national or local audience we can help!

From rolling out the UK’s first national DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) network for the BBC in 1995 to launching the UK’s first national commercial DAB multiplex  (Digital One) in 1999 and more recently building the second national commercial DAB multiplex for Sound Digital in 2016, we continue to be at the forefront of digital broadcasting.

We also provide end-to-end transmission for 90% of local multiplexes in the UK. Operating 26 of these local Multiplexes under our Now Digital brand. 

Delivering millions of hours digital radio everyday

Our network of multiplexing centres and over 1,450 radio transmitter sites dotted across the UK; provides the infrastructure that delivers over 300 digital radio stations from broadcast studios to millions of listeners across the country.

Via a complex and diverse system which includes coding and contribution, distribution, multiplexing and transmission, we ensure broadcasters' content is delivered to their audiences, 365 days a year.

Now is the time to grow your digital radio audience

More and more people are listening to digital radio every day (now over 45%* of radio listening is digital *RAJAR Q4 2016), there has never been a better time to go digital.

We have doubled the size of the local DAB radio network, including our own local Now Digital multiplexes. This has increased UK coverage to over 90%, matching the reach of local analogue commercial radio.

The only digital radio partner you need

Whether you are looking to extend the reach of your channel or take your first steps towards finding a digital audience, we have solutions for national, regional or local broadcasting.

We would like to work with you to explain the business benefits of going digital, and deliver the dependable digital radio services you need to establish and grow a local, regional or national audience.

Further details regarding our digital radio services can be found below:


Now Digital (local DAB multiplexes)

Looking to broadcast on DAB digital radio in a particular part of the UK? We can help you reach audiences in a number of different regions.


Digital One (national multiplex)

We own and operate the UK’s first national commercial multiplex, Digital One, which has been broadcasting since 1999.


Sound Digital (national multiplex)

The second national commercial DAB multiplex, Sound Digital launched in the UK in March 2016.


Analogue Radio (FM/AM)

We can design, build and manage a tailored analogue terrestrial radio network for worry-free broadcasting of your content.


Coding and contribution

We can provide an end-to-end radio broadcast solution, handling the entire process from studio to transmission. The first step on the journey is coding and contribution.

Case Study

Expanding the UK’s local DAB network

We’re responsible for the delivery of a major cross-industry programme to double the size of the UK’s local commercial DAB network.