Coding and contribution

We can provide an end-to-end radio broadcast solution, handling the entire process from studio to transmission. The first step on the journey is coding and contribution.

You provide us with the audio output from your playout system, which we convert into the form in which it is broadcast

You provide us with the audio output from your playout system, which we convert into the form in which it is broadcast


In its simplest terms, coding and contribution is the product that connects your radio studio(s) to our multiplexing centres around the country. It’s the interface at your studio that provides radio content’s first step from the presenter’s microphone to the listener’s speakers.

The technology

In most cases, our coding and contribution product takes the form of an analogue to digital audio encoder (commonly called a ‘codec’) connected to an IP telecoms circuit. We will need a little space in your technical area to accommodate our equipment which will be monitored and managed remotely by our 24-hour Service Management Centre (SMC).

You provide us with the audio output from your playout system, which we convert into the form in which it is broadcast. It is then connected to our multiplexing centres using one or more telecoms circuits provided by us.

Where you need to get on-air quickly, we can supply the hardware in a small flightcase and we may be able to use existing broadband IP connectivity to your studio to reduce cost and minimise lead-time.

Our coding and contribution solution is very similar to our Surenet product and in some cases can share existing hardware and connectivity.

When the transmission has made its way back to one of our multiplex centres across the country, it is brought together with other radio and data services ready for broadcast. It’s the first step in a chain of processes that take individual radio stations and broadcasts them on DAB anywhere in the country.

A crucial part of the process

In terms of time and in many cases financial investment, it’s fair to say coding and contribution is a relatively small part of our complex radio broadcasting service. That said its importance cannot be overstated.

When we install and configure this equipment in a radio studio, we are essentially laying the foundations for all of the processes that follow.

Meeting your needs

We approach coding and contribution just as we approach any other service – with the goal of meeting your individual customer needs.

We realise that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to radio broadcasting; the way in which the service is delivered will always be influenced by budget, existing hardware, environment and – most importantly – your own objectives.

Just as we do in all other areas of our business, we’ll choose equipment and processes to achieve the best possible results in the given circumstances. Our engineers will then be on hand to ensure everything works exactly as intended. The result is seamless service for you and your listeners.

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