Analogue Radio (FM/AM)

We can design, build and manage a tailored analogue terrestrial radio network for worry-free broadcasting of your content.

We design tailored radio networks to perfectly meet the unique needs of each and every one of our radio customers

We design tailored radio networks to perfectly meet the unique needs of each and every one of our radio customers


Radio transmission expertise

We have been at the heart of radio for more than 90 years, since the BBC’s first broadcast in 1922.

We can help you maximise your audience reach whilst always meeting the highest standards demanded by the regulator and your listeners. How? With an expertise and proud heritage in radio that stretches right back to some of the UK's very first broadcasts. We can honestly say that very few people understand radio transmission like we do.

Tailored to your radio broadcast needs

We design tailored radio networks to perfectly meet the unique needs of each and every one of our radio customers. We offer everything needed to get our customers on air. This includes spectrum planning, antenna and transmission system design, site acquisition, build, commissioning and operation. Indeed we are one of very few businesses to have specialist knowledge across all of these areas to get broadcasters on air.

Our Network Access or Managed Transmission and Distribution Services enable the best solution to transmit your content around the country.

The UK radio network

Our radio network is now transmitting 380 analogue and 300 digital radio stations across the UK via 1,450 radio transmitter sites.

We are responsible for managing and maintaining all of the key radio transmitter sites across the UK; including Black Hill, Emley Moor, Crystal Palace, Wenvoe and Divis. To keep these services on-air we have a highly experienced operational team led by the Service Management Centre (SMC) at Emley Moor, near Huddersfield. The SMC is the nerve centre of our operation and they provide the front end management and customer reporting of the services 24x7x365.

The SMC works closely with our Field Service teams which includes: Antenna Services Group, Field Scheduling, Central Services (spares and logistics) and Change Management.

The field teams provide engineering support across the UK responding to faults, delivering essential maintenance and implementing projects. Our operational specialists provide expert engineering advice and third line support ensuring longer term root cause analysis and rectification of faults.

The confidence we inspire explains why the UK's biggest public and commercial radio broadcasters trust their networks to us.

Preparing for a digital future

We know that while analogue radio still gains a large proportion of radio listening share, digital platforms are rising. In fact digital radio now accounts for over 56.4%* of all listening (*RAJAR Q1 19). If you’re considering making the step to digital, get in touch with us.

We’ve already helped many UK broadcasters launch digital channels with ingenious solutions enabling even the smallest radio stations to develop their digital strategies.


Service Management for Radio

Visibility of the networks that deliver your unique services is crucial.


Now Digital (local DAB multiplexes)

Looking to broadcast on DAB digital radio in a particular part of the UK? We can help you reach audiences in a number of different regions.


Network Access

Arqiva provides an end-to-end radio solution, handling the entire process from studio to listener. The final piece of the puzzle is Network Access.


Managed Transmission Services

Our end-to-end radio solution handles the entire process from studio to listener. Managed Transmission Services (MTS) are bespoke to each customer and provide invaluable peace of mind.