Analogue Radio Broadcasting

You spend your time creating great radio and we help you deliver it. We can design, build and manage a tailored analogue terrestrial radio network for worry-free distribution of your content.

Analogue Radio Broadcasting keeping you on air

Analogue Radio Broadcasting keeping you on air


Radio transmission expertise

We can help you maximise your audience reach whilst always meeting the highest standards demanded by the regulator. How? With an expertise and proud heritage in radio that stretches right back to some of the UK's very first broadcasts. We can honestly say that very few people understand radio transmission like we do.

Tailored to your radio broadcast needs

We design tailored radio networks to perfectly meet the unique needs of each and every one of our radio customers. We offer everything needed to get our customers on air. This includes bespoke antenna design, spectrum planning, site acquisition, vendor management, procurement services and distribution design. Indeed we are one of very few businesses to have specialist knowledge in areas such as spectrum planning and antenna design.

Preparing for a digital future

We know that while analogue radio still gains the bulk of radio listening share (roughly 58%), digital platforms are steadily rising. In fact DAB now accounts for over 23% of all radio listening (Rajar Q1 14). If you’re considering your next steps in this digital world, get in touch with us. We’ve already helped a number of UK companies launch digital channels with ingenious solutions enabling even the smallest broadcasters to develop their digital strategies for getting on air quickly and cost effectively.

We deliver more than 20 million hours of radio content every year...

Round-the-clock service availability

Whether analogue or digital, your business relies on flawless delivery of your programming right round-the-clock. We understand this. That's why we're committed to consistently providing you with the very highest levels of service availability. We achieve this through the know-how and hard work of our 350-strong field force operating right across the UK and the support of a dedicated 24x7 Service Management Centre. The confidence we inspire explains why the UK's biggest public and commercial radio broadcasters trust their networks to us.

Millions of hours delivered every year

We deliver more than 20 million hours of radio content every year. We are responsible for managing the infrastructure, transmission sites, legalities and skilled manpower that keep 300 UK commercial radio stations on air. Our network delivers content to over 34 million commercial radio listeners each year. It's a responsibility we take incredibly seriously. Always.

Finding ingenious solutions

We’re all for making our customers’ lives as easy as possible. For example, in 2012 a commercial radio station lost its signal to the transmitter due to a BT circuit failure that could not be fixed until morning. Our engineer thought this was unacceptable and devised an ingenious alternative solution. He accessed the station’s content via an app on his iPhone and plugged it into the transmitter. This provided the feed until the circuit was restored in the morning. We really do go to extraordinary lengths to keep you on air.

Supporting your strategic growth

You can rely on our dedicated radio business team to support you every step of the way. From helping to capture your vision to delivering your services and the ongoing management of your changing needs, such as the move to digital, we'll work with you to make sure your business prospers and succeeds.

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