Wireless Concessions

Maximising the value of your rooftop and street-level assets.

The infrastructure needed to provide all of this connectivity is carefully and discreetly placed in our surroundings.

The infrastructure needed to provide all of this connectivity is carefully and discreetly placed in our surroundings.

Of all the technologies that have revolutionised our lives in recent years, two of the biggest – cellular and WiFi – seem largely invisible. They’re around us almost everywhere we go but rarely are they seen.

In reality, the infrastructure needed to provide all of this connectivity is carefully and discreetly placed in our surroundings. Signal-emitting masts are buried in the lampposts that light our streets, and the CCTV fixtures that keep us safe.

As our dependence on 3G, 4G and WiFi continues to grow, so too does the volume of hardware that needs hiding. For network operators this is a challenge, but on the other hand it presents various opportunities for councils and other public asset owners.

Monetise your assets

Assets such as those mentioned above – lampposts, rooftops, CCTV fixtures, bins and even old telephone boxes – are in demand from mobile network operators. Increasingly, these companies are looking for everyday urban objects to house the equipment necessary to keep customers connected and satisfied – and they’re ready to pay.

Further demand from advertisers creates even more opportunities to increase the value of your assets. With the rise of location-based marketing, a growing number of companies are investing in Bluetooth and GPS technologies in order to reach their target audiences more effectively.

Develop your area

The benefits extend beyond instant monetisation too, especially for councils.

We’re at a stage now where connectivity and digital telecommunication – whether through cellular or WiFi – is seen more as an essential than it is a luxury. It’s expected by businesses and individuals up and down the country, to the point where it can influence major decisions.

Granting access to your physical assets, therefore, can help your city’s long-term economic development. The technology present has the power to attract investment from businesses and bring in people, both permanently and temporarily.

Arqiva’s role

Arqiva is essentially the letting agent and broker in all of this, and we’re perfectly placed for the role. Having been at the heart of the UK’s telecommunications industry for many years, we’ve built relationships with all of the biggest network operators – your prospective clients.

More importantly though, we’re experts in every aspect of telecommunication and wireless technology, having worked on major WiFi and cellular projects for companies and public sector bodies of all types and sizes. Our solutions are keeping people connected in Heathrow Airport, at Canary Wharf and in 100,000 hotel bedrooms across the country.

How we do it

Our approach is simple: maximise the value of your assets in a way that causes minimal disruption to your own operations. By looking at the location of each prospective site, we’re able to determine its best possible use before identifying the most suitable partners.

As part of the process, we can even introduce added connectivity to the area, allowing local residents access to better WiFi services and improving the local economy.  The Wi-Fi services we have deployed for councils are all bespoke, tailored so as from the council to their residents.

We have deployed 1,300 street Wi-Fi hotspots already across 11 London boroughs and other local councils. If you partner with Arqiva, the number one provider of public street Wi-Fi networks, you are assured that no-one knows Wireless Concessions as well as we do.

Whatever we do for you, and whatever solution we provide, our goal is the same: to help you meet your objectives. To find out more about how we can do that through Wireless Concessions, get in touch with our experts today.