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When you choose us as your business WiFi provider you’ll get a service that’s reliable and increases customer satisfaction.

Our next generation WiFi for business

Our next generation WiFi for business

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Your WiFi, your way

With our range of WiFi services you can choose the package that’s best for your business and customers. Whether it’s totally free to the end user, pay-as-you-go, or ‘Freemium’ (a mixture of the two), you have the freedom to provide your WiFi, your way.

Save on installation and running costs

We charge very little for equipment and network infrastructure. Depending on which WiFi package you choose, we may even make the upfront investment. What’s more, our WiFi enables further cost savings. How? By allowing the infrastructure to be used for other customer-facing or back-office functions, such as digital signage and mobile point-of-sale.

Making WiFi pay

We can help you make money from WiFi. There are various revenue generation opportunities that allow you to get the most out of your WiFi service. For example, our network is open to all mobile operators and internet service providers. So whenever their customers start using our WiFi network, we’ll charge each of these operators and give you a share of the total revenue generated. Put simply, more operators mean more revenue for you.

Plus, we can share any revenue generated from other activities, such as advertising.

Boost your brand

Because ours is a true white-label solution, your brand takes centre stage. What does that mean for you? It means a WiFi service that will mirror your unique identity, from customised landing pages to a network name that reflects your brand.

Location analytics

Our business WiFi network is pretty smart. It uses location analytics to track your customers’ journeys.