Small Cells

Our Small Cell network solutions deliver the capacity mobile operators and building owners need to meet rising demand in a variety of urban areas, both indoor and outdoor.

Simple, pain-free installation that causes minimal disruption to you and your business

Simple, pain-free installation that causes minimal disruption to you and your business

With society’s reliance on mobile devices still increasing, the demand for wireless connectivity is at an all-time high. Mobile operators and building landlords must ensure their customers and visitors can use 3G and 4G services as they wish, but in busy urban areas like shopping centres, it’s not always straightforward.

A lack of capacity in a high-footfall location can prevent people from making calls, sending messages or using data – all things they’ve paid for and expect to be able to do. While large rooftop antennas meet the needs of day-to-day mobile access in most areas, they sometimes need a bit of help.

That’s where Small Cells come in.

Capacity and coverage where you need it most

Small Cells are units that can be installed onto street furniture and the sides of buildings to boost mobile capacity in an area where demand is particularly high or coverage is poor. They can also be applied inside venues like shopping centres and conference halls, where increased footfall puts a strain on existing communications infrastructure.

They allow customers and visitors to continue using the connected functions of their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices without any interruptions.

The importance of Small Cells

Consumers’ dependence on connected devices is such that most will leave an area or building if they can’t get a signal. For building owners, landlords and managers, therefore, a lack of capacity could have a significant negative effect on revenues – shoppers could leave, and residing businesses might reconsider their choice of location.

For network operators, it’s crucial to provide the mobile services customers expect and pay for. A repeated lack of service in a location might cause users to think about switching providers.

Small Cells are also invaluable to local authorities, as they are responsible for ensuring residents and businesses have access to the latest technologies. With companies and consumers so reliant on 3G and 4G connectivity, communications infrastructure like this can have a significant impact on a town or city’s digital economy.

How we can help

Arqiva’s Small Cell solutions enable mobile operators, local authorities and public property owners to rapidly increase capacity for customers and residents in the most cost-efficient way.

We have access to a vast portfolio of street assets in busy metropolitan areas like London. This includes conveniently placed lighting columns and numerous buildings, all of which are suitable for the deployment of Small Cells. This means you can achieve improved capacity in the most important locations.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to wireless connectivity, so we’ll work with you right from the start to determine the best solution for your needs. If the most suitable technology happens to be Small Cells, we can get to work on a simple, pain-free installation that causes minimal disruption to you and your business.

Then, with a single point of contact in place, we’ll manage the operation fully to ensure you get the results you expect both now and into the future.

Our unrivalled experience in telecommunications and connectivity puts us in the best position to deliver, operate and maintain indoor and outdoor connectivity solutions for our customers.

To find out more, get in touch with our experts today.