Small Cells

Our solutions for small cells deliver the capacity mobile operators need to meet customer demand across urban locations.

Small Cell Solutions for urban areas

Small Cell Solutions for urban areas

An end-to-end managed Radio Access Network service takes the hassle out of deployment and reduces overall TCO.

Rising to the challenge of urban connectivity and capacity.

In busy urban areas, such as shopping centres, a lack of network capacity can stop customers gaining high speed access to 3G and 4G services. Large antennas on rooftops meet the needs of day-to-day mobile access, but these macro cells need a bit of help.

Enabling high-speed connectivity with small cells

Our small cell solutions are the answer. Located on street furniture, such as lamp posts, or on the sides of buildings, these small base stations give mobile operators the required extra capacity to allow their customers to use the high speed connectivity functions on their phones, tablets and other mobile devices. 

Urban capacity, delivered

With our metro and small cell managed service, mobile operators obtain the network capacity they need to enhance their customer’s experience. It is built on the following six principles:

  • A unique portfolio of assets, such as lamp posts, CCTV columns and buildings throughout major urban areas across the UK
  • A fully managed solution for the radio access network component
  • Wireless street level traffic aggregation
  • Delivery of aggregated traffic routed back to the operator via a choice of fixed backhaul solutions 
  • A single point of interconnection that provides service throughout the UK
  • SLA based radio access network monitoring and management – ensuring service continuity

“With our metro and small cell managed service, mobile operators gain the network capacity they need to enhance their customers’ experience at the lowest cost.”

Removing the hassle from deployment

Our small cell solutions enable mobile operators to rapidly increase capacity for their customers and their growing demands for high speed connectivity.

A fully-managed service, it provides operators with the following:

  • The same service regardless of location across city centres 
  • A single point of contact as we manage all interaction with local authorities
  • A tried and tested delivery process, ensuring rapid deployment and service launch
  • A dedicated field force for operation and maintenance

Reducing TCO

We offer a unique solution for each operator. Using multiple deployments in the same location we create economies of scale that reduce the cost to the individual operator, specifically:

  • Shared infrastructure and a single nationwide delivery model reduces deployment costs
  • Use of shared street level wireless mesh and fixed backhaul reduces annual operational costs

In addition, we can capital fund the deployment in exchange for a simple annual service fee.

The best technical solution

Mobile operators who rely on our solutions get the best outcome for solving problems, such as how to add more network capacity in busy urban areas. That’s because we offer the following:

  • A range of network capacity products, including WiFi and InBuilding 
  • The promise to develop the right solution for our customers’ unique requirements. Always.