Small Cells

Our Small Cell network solutions deliver the extra capacity mobile operators need to meet rising demand in a variety of urban areas.

Simple, pain-free installation that causes minimal disruption to you and your business

Simple, pain-free installation that causes minimal disruption to you and your business

With society’s reliance on mobile devices still increasing, demand for wireless connectivity is at an all-time high.  Mobile operators must ensure their customers can use 3G, 4G and now 5G services as they wish, but in busy urban areas like high streets and transport hubs, it’s not always straightforward. 

The urban network challenge 

A lack of capacity in a high-footfall location can prevent people from making calls, sending messages or using data – all things they’ve paid for and expect to be able to do. A repeated lack of service in a location might cause users to think about switching providers. 

While large rooftop antennas meet the needs of day-to-day mobile access in most areas, they sometimes need a bit of help.  Radio planning limitations mean that operators needing more capacity cannot always deploy the latest massive MIMO antennas.  That’s where Small Cells come in. 

Capacity and coverage where you need it most 

In urban areas network densification is often best achieved by locating low power Small Cells on street furniture.  Increased capacity and coverage are achieved through line of sight to mobile devices, supplementing the existing network where demand is especially high, or coverage is poor. They allow customers to continue using their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices without interruption.   

In places where it's difficult for a macro to serve, putting in a Small Cell frees up capacity on the macro and improves its performance.  But more than that, experience has shown that Small Cells capture new traffic too, enhancing the customer experience and growing the market. 

Small Cells are also more flexible.  The use of existing street assets, without additional planning delays, means that Small Cells can be quickly deployed right where they are needed. Customer experience is improved by locating the cells where the people are. 

How we can help 

Arqiva’s independent, neutral-host approach enables mobile operators to rapidly improve service for customers in the most cost-efficient way. 

We have access to over 300,000 street assets in 14 London Boroughs. This includes conveniently placed lighting columns and CCTV columns, enabling you to select the key locations you need. 

Extensive design expertise enables us to shape the solution that best meets your needs and our considerable experience of street deployments enables us to overcome the challenges.  The result is smooth, efficient provision of the network you need, where you need it.  

Our end to end small cells deployment service removes the complexity involved in dealing with multiple parties, permitting, and traffic management.  Then, with a single point of contact in place, we’ll manage the operation fully to ensure you get the results you expect both now and into the future. 

Arqiva is the UK market leader in small cells infrastructure, with three out of four MNOs deploying on Arqiva assets.  Although the market is new, many hundreds of Arqiva Small Cells are already deployed and live in London. Our unrivalled experience in telecommunications and connectivity gives our customers the confidence assured by working with a trusted partner.  

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