Site Share

We can develop or enhance your wireless network with our turnkey infrastructure and Site Share services.

Wireless site services for fast network rollout

Wireless site services for fast network rollout


We’ll install your equipment on our sites for fast start-up of new network capabilities.

Deliver the best possible network coverage with Site Share

Our reliable Site Share service allows you to easily develop or enhance your wireless network. How? By enabling the installation of your wireless equipment on our owned or managed sites in return for an annual licence fee.

Towers, masts and rooftops

As the UK’s largest independent provider of wireless sites, we offer space on towers, masts and rooftops for our customers’ wireless equipment. We currently have around 8,000 active sites and a total of more than 16,700 sites available for sharing.

Cut your costs

As the infrastructure is already in place, you’ll speed up the time it takes to deploy your equipment. This reduces costs when compared with developing your own sites.

Roll out or extend your network

Site Share is available for wireless customers looking to roll out or extend existing networks. This includes mobile network operators, fixed network operators and other organisations needing wireless communication, such as the emergency services and coastguard/RNLI.

Find new sites – quickly and easily

Our processes and tools make it simple for customers to find new sites and enable us to manage the delivery of their projects. Additionally many of our sites are in areas where others struggle to acquire and gain planning permission for new sites.

Taking away the pain

Site Share customers benefit from a straightforward service that offers:

  • Largely ‘ready to use’ invested wireless infrastructure and associated services – speeding up time to delivery and cutting deployment costs
  • Turnkey acquisition and build solutions across a large sites portfolio – reducing the effort and resources needed to extend your network capabilities
  • Tried and trusted Site Share processes with interactive tools – giving assurance that your service will always deliver
  • Customer service support via our Service Management Centre – providing round-the-clock assurance.


We free up our customers to focus on their core business by taking away the effort required to deliver the best network coverage. We achieve this with the following services offered as a one-stop-shop:

  • Network design, site acquisition, site design, build, estates management, operation and programme management
  • Management, operation and maintenance of all passive (non-electronic) infrastructure
  • Management of all services/facilities associated with the installation of customer equipment on a site, as well as the on-going management of all site-related activities
  • Experienced management of a customer’s Site Share end-to-end delivery process, from receipt of application to the delivery of a completed installation on a site
  • Day-to-day site and infrastructure management and maintenance (including security)
  • Estates and Portfolio Management teams (see below) manage the on-going site provider relationships.

Generate and retain revenue from your property estate  

We also offer an Estates Management service helping portfolio owners and site providers generate and retain revenue. How? By installing and managing primarily 3rd party wireless transmission equipment on their sites.

Outsource time-consuming activities

Our Estates Management customers include utility companies, hotel chains and others. Most of them have existing installations on their sites and want to outsource the time consuming management burden (a non-core activity) of dealing with the installations and associated activities.

Respond to the pressure on public sector budgets

We also provide services to the public sector, from local authorities to central departments that own multiple properties, helping them to find new ways of generating revenue.

Delivering benefit

Our managed Estates Management service offers customers a number of benefits:

  • Lower overall cost base, reduced cost of operation and enhanced revenues
  • Management of third party landlord relationships, site marketing and health and safety
  • Management of existing/new telecoms sharers leases and licences, including collecting licence fee payments and chasing debts
  • Control or management of site sharer installations and activities associated with overseeing and managing access to the sites
  • Revenue assurance (and growth) with marketing of sites to our customer base. 

“We free up our customers to focus on their core business by taking away the effort required to deliver the best network coverage.”