Site Share for Business

We live in an increasingly connected society. We are ever more dependent on exchanging information. Managing a mobile workforce, co-ordinating emergency services, tracking aircraft positions in the sky, or providing data and telephony WAN to sea-going ferries; all have varied and exacting wireless communication demands.

With Site Share, you’re using infrastructure that’s already in place to provide the platform to support your wireless challenges.

With Site Share, you’re using infrastructure that’s already in place to provide the platform to support your wireless challenges.

Erecting new towers or masts to cater for the robust demands of unique wireless solutions can be a costly and complex process, but there is another solution.

Our Site Share product represents a faster and more cost-effective solution than greenfield or new builds.  We enable wireless providers to deliver more solutions than ever before. It’s something we do already for hundreds of customers around the UK.

How Site Share works

The process is simple. We can arrange for your wireless equipment to be installed at our existing sites in return for an annual licence fee. Our experienced and skilled team will work with you to understand how your business functions and what you need for your unique wireless service. The result is a deployment that has been designed to deliver exactly what you need, where you need it.

As the UK’s largest independent provider of wireless sites, we offer space on towers, masts, pylons and rooftops across the country – all of which are either owned or managed by Arqiva. We currently have 8,000 active sites and a total of more than 16,000 sites available for sharing, so wherever you need to locate your equipment, we can help.

Spanning the country, we offer a diversity of topography from inner-city and suburban to rural locations, including an unrivalled selection of high sites. Our existing portfolio of sites includes many locations where others struggle to acquire new sites or gain planning permission.

With well-established processes, we can provide power, pre-agreed landlord consents and planning approvals, so you can focus your resource where it’s needed: developing your core business.

The benefits of Site Share

With Site Share you’re using infrastructure that’s already in place, meaning you needn’t develop your own towers and masts. This reduces both cost and deployment time significantly, while still giving you the same fantastic results.

Management responsibilities are also removed from the equation: you don’t need to design, construct or maintain the site. We take care of everything.

Find new sites – quickly and easily

Our tried-and-tested SiteFinder tool make it simple for you to find a location that is suitable for your network coverage requirements.

Use our SiteFinder tool here

Working with Arqiva

Above all, we take the pain away by providing a straightforward service that offers ready-to-use infrastructure, turnkey acquisition and build solutions, and tried-and-tested processes. Furthermore, our round-the-clock customer service support is there to give you peace of mind from start to finish.

We already have wireless network customers of all kinds, from mobile and fixed network operators to emergency services and transport companies. Between them, our customers cover air, land and sea. They all depend on reliable wireless communications. Our experience allows us to deliver an exceptional service tailored to your needs.

Thanks to our Site Share product, you’re able to deliver the best service to your customers.

Product Features

  • Sharing model increases speed of deployment and reduces costs compared with self-deployment
  • Well-established processes and tools make it simple to find new sites and install equipment on our existing infrastructure
  • We provide pre-agreed landlord consent, planning application, design, installation services, and handover
  • High structures greater than 50m available
  • Managed payment of local authority business rates
  • Provision of electricity supply is available, with resilience options
  • Online site access permit system provides a portal for requesting physical site access
  • Scheduled, regular, visual inspections option with remedial action as appropriate

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