Portfolio Management

To meet the connectivity needs of an increasingly mobile-dependent population, the UK’s network operators are expanding their communications infrastructure at record speed. New telecom towers and Small Cells are being set up every day to ensure people can stay in touch effectively wherever they are.

Delivering portfolio management services for more than 20 years

Delivering portfolio management services for more than 20 years

For this to happen, network operators – mobile and otherwise - require access to all kinds of spaces and physical assets, right across the country. From rooftops and the sides of buildings to lighting columns and roadside cabinets; they’re all in demand.

As a result, great opportunities exist for businesses and other organisations that own these kind of assets – and as the largest provider of managed portfolio services in the UK, Arqiva is here to help you capitalise.

Monetise your assets

Assets and spaces everywhere are going to waste right now, simply because their owners aren’t aware of the potential value they hold. However, for any organisation with a large portfolio of rooftop spaces, buildings, street furniture or land, there’s a chance to open an entirely new revenue stream.

We’re already managing asset portfolios for customers across a wide variety of business sectors, from the network operators and telecoms companies themselves right through to public sector agencies, utilities companies and hotel chains. All are successfully and effortlessly monetising their assets, and you could do the same.

How we do it

Arqiva provides you with a seamless service that removes the hassle of dealing with multiple stakeholders and managing numerous agreements. We take care of these tasks and relationships on your behalf, while constantly looking for new ways to maximise your profit – whether that’s by developing unused space on your land, rooftops or towers, or by proactively marketing your assets to new market entrants.

We manage the full end-to-end process, from marketing through to application processing, acquisition, design and installation. Once set up is complete, we continue to provide support as part of your package – including agreement reviews and renewals, invoicing, site access control and the day-to-day management of wireless network site sharers. Everything is taken care of so you can focus on your core business.

Working with Arqiva

Arqiva has been working behind the scenes to connect people and organisations for more than 90 years, and remains a key part of the UK’s digital ecosystem. This experience is complemented perfectly by a wealth of knowledge and strong existing relationships with most major network operators.

We’ve been delivering portfolio management services for more than 20 years, and already manage thousands of sites for customers from all kinds of industries. Our portfolio partners include major organisations such as BT, National Grid, Scottish Power, Travelodge, Blue Light services and the Ministry of Defence.

What’s more, 90% of our customers have been working with us for ten years or longer – all clearly appreciating our commitment to providing the best possible deal for their interests.

All of this considered, we are in the perfect position to manage your asset portfolio for you.

To find out more about what we can offer, and how we can help you specifically, get in touch today.