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Regardless of whether your venue is a shopping centre, hotel, conference hall or sports stadium, your objectives will be the same: to attract people, keep dwell times high and maximise the visitor experience. Connectivity is integral to achieving all three of these goals, and more.

We are your experts in public and corporate connectivity

We are your experts in public and corporate connectivity

The ability to make voice calls, send messages and access data has become essential for most consumers and businesses, which means it should be a key consideration for you too.

Why you need in-building venue connectivity

Visitors to your venue demand constant and reliable connectivity. It allows them to keep in touch with friends and family, to check news updates and sports results, and in an increasing number of cases even interact with their surroundings. The average consumer’s collection of devices is growing, with smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables all ready to connect. If these needs aren’t met, people are likely to go elsewhere.

The same is true for organisations and their employees. The retail businesses within a shopping centre, for example, will need mobile reception to operate effectively, as will exhibitors in a conference venue. As such, connectivity infrastructure is a key consideration for any company looking for somewhere to setup, whether permanently or for a one-off event or even as a backup to your existing wired services.

Connectivity can help you in other areas too. Data harnessed within a venue, for example, can be used to influence marketing and event planning.

Full-scale 3G and 4G cellular networks

Arqiva builds and operates full-scale cellular networks, designed to ensure reliable 3G and 4G connectivity is available in all areas of a building or complex. This is something we’ve achieved in many different buildings already, including London’s famous ExCel centre, a venue used by hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Arqiva’s agnostic approach is part of what separates us from our peers. We appreciate that different venues call for different solutions, which is why our main goal is to determine and deliver the technologies best suited to your needs.

What’s more, our solutions benefit everybody – not just the users of one network. This means enhanced visitor experience and higher dwell times across all of your customers, visitors, partners and employees. Nobody is alienated.

Connectivity infrastructures unique to the venue

No two buildings are exactly the same, which is why we treat every project individually. Conference venues and stadiums, in particular, present some unique challenges when it comes to connectivity.

The first is caused by building fabrication. These often-large structures are built around what are, essentially, steel cages which can prevent radio signals making their way in from networks outside. This makes it difficult to gain significant cellular coverage.

Our solution is to build connectivity infrastructure within the venue itself, ensuring the signal remains strong, fast and reliable at all times. It’s something our team has a wealth of experience in, having worked in some of the UK’s largest conference venues.

People also create challenges, not just in conference centres and stadiums, but in all large-scale public venues. These spaces welcome millions of visitors every year – and often tens of thousands at a time – so telecommunication networks must be ready to stand up to heavy demand without compromising speed or reliability.

Our experience and understanding of high-density telecoms networks puts us in the best possible position to advise on what’s best for you and then build and run it accordingly. It’s for this reason that we’re trusted to work on major developments like Canary Wharf, where there’s little room for error.

Flexible connectivity solutions for all buildings

Nowadays, connectivity ranks alongside water, electricity and gas as an essential utility, so developers should consider it right from the beginning where possible. We can also install the latest connectivity infrastructure in existing buildings, so whatever your situation, we’re able to help. Our turnkey solutions are carefully tailored to meet your needs, wherever you are in your journey.

We are your experts

Arqiva’s experience in public and corporate connectivity is unrivalled. As well as London’s ExCel centre, we’ve delivered comprehensive connectivity solutions at Heathrow Airport, Canary Wharf, the Tower of London and across the Premier Inn hotel chain – all high-footfall environments.

We’re ready to work closely with you and your team from start to finish, making sure you have the support you need and the results you expect after installation. Whatever the technology, we’ll explain it in terms you understand, while helping you maximise its potential.

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