Offices and Mixed Commercial Buildings

We live in an always-connected world, where people have easy access to a constant stream of information through their mobile screens. These devices aren’t only used by consumers - they’re also essential business tools.

Increase mobile coverage quickly, securely and cost-efficiently within offices and other commercial environments

Increase mobile coverage quickly, securely and cost-efficiently within offices and other commercial environments

Right across the UK and beyond, business owners, employees, contractors and customers are relying on smartphones and other mobile devices to communicate and source information.

As a result, the pressure is on network operators and landlords to provide robust indoor coverage and capacity in offices and other commercial buildings.

Why indoor connectivity is essential

According to Informa, 80 per cent of mobile phone calls are made from inside buildings, many of which are business premises. Research also shows that 60 per cent of employees believe the use of mobile technology is linked to productivity – additional proof if you needed it that connectivity in offices and other workplaces is essential.

The ways in which most modern buildings are constructed, however, can prevent outside signals making their way through. Metallised insulation, steel frames and treated glass are all known barriers. Older buildings too can create issues, with thick stone structures blocking mobile signals.

This presents problems for those working inside – problems that will only grow as desk phones become obsolete, voice and data consumption rises and we move towards 5G.

The answer is to bring the network indoors using Arqiva’s proven In-Building solutions, like Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

Industry-leading In-Building solutions

Our multi-operator indoor coverage solutions are built to provide a first-rate mobile service for your employees, tenants, visitors or customers, regardless of which operator they’re customers of.

A typical DAS will comprise a network of discrete antennas linked back to a central hub using fibre, Ethernet and coaxial cables. This centre point is fed with signals from the required mobile operators, to ensure everyone in the vicinity has full use of their mobile devices.

What’s more, a DAS is completely scalable, meaning it can be used to deliver reliable wireless connectivity in offices and commercial buildings of all sizes. So, whether you’re looking to provide connectivity in a single-floor office space or a  multi-tenanted commercial building, DAS could be the answer.

Working with Arqiva

Arqiva’s In-Building solutions allow mobile operators, business owners and landlords to increase mobile coverage quickly, securely and cost-efficiently within offices and other commercial environments. Our work in Canary Wharf is a great example of how we have deployed In-Buillding solutions in a key business area.

UK’s largest provider of In-Building Solutions

As the UK’s largest provider of In-Building solutions, we’re perfectly positioned to help you achieve your wireless connectivity objectives. As a neutral host, supporting all networks, we offer flexible commercial models to suit your requirements and we’ll work closely with you from day one to identify your needs and determine the best possible solution.

Then we’ll provide a single point of contact to oversee and manage the operation, ensuring you get the results you expect.

To find out more about how we can help, get in touch with our experts today.