Network Operators

Network operators of all kinds rely on Arqiva’s support to implement and operate critical wireless communications systems. With decades of experience and an unrivalled knowledge of what it takes to achieve true reliability and efficiency, we’re the perfect infrastructure partner.

We’re working hard every day to open up new and exciting opportunities

We’re working hard every day to open up new and exciting opportunities

Meeting your network needs

Arqiva has long played a crucial role in the UK’s communications sector, providing vital infrastructure to a vast range of network operators. We offer access to conveniently located hosting sites across the country, allowing our customers to deploy or expand their networks quickly, simply and cost-efficiently.

We help network operators in a number of ways. First and foremost, we provide core infrastructure that enables operators to configure macro sites – external locations for signal distribution. This infrastructure could be a designated telecom tower in a field, an electricity pylon, or the rooftop of a building within a city.

Connectivity where you need it

As one of the largest independent providers of sites and tower assets in the UK, we’re able to deploy and expand wireless networks wherever our customers need to operate.

Through our Site Share services, we can provide straightforward access to around 16,000 sites in total, meaning you’re able to deliver connectivity where you need it most – whether you’re looking to create a private dedicated network or want to expand an existing network for your customers.

Our SiteFinder tool makes it easy to choose the perfect locations for your infrastructure too – it’s a searchable database containing information on all our sites, from towers in open fields to buildings in the centre of London.

Valuable relationships

Arqiva is just one crucial part of a much larger communications ecosystem – we work closely with all kinds of organisations, including but not limited to: local councils, landowners, designers, installers and, of course, network operators.

We have strong existing relationships with businesses in all of these categories and more, making it possible for us to deploy network infrastructure quickly and cost-efficiently. Many of the necessary contractual frameworks are already in place, so our customers needn’t start from scratch with things like site searches and acquisition, planning permission and design: the foundations are already in place.

What’s more we’re committed to managing these relationships on behalf of our customers, ensuring every process is straightforward and effective, with one single point of contact for everything.

Working with Arqiva

Arqiva’s long list of happy and loyal customers is testament to our success in providing and supporting wireless network infrastructure. We’re a trustworthy and reliable partner to have in a fast-moving and complex sector.

We’re already perfectly positioned to ensure network operators can get the results they need when it comes to wireless infrastructure, but we’re in no way sitting still. We’re working hard every day to open up new and exciting opportunities for the organisations that rely on us – that involves developing new kinds of hosting assets, gaining access to more telecom tower sites and improving our backhaul capabilities.

Want to know more about how we can work together? Our experts are ready to talk.