In-Building Solutions

The use of mobile devices is an essential part of modern life, but providing reliable connectivity can be a big challenge in some indoor locations, especially at peak times. This is can be down to a range of factors - impenetrable construction materials being a prime example.

In-Building solutions connecting people 24/7

In-Building solutions connecting people 24/7

With 80 per cent of voice calls made from inside buildings, this is an issue that cannot go unaddressed. Fortunately, delivering a reliable mobile signal indoors can be achieved using a robust In-Building solution, such as a Distributed Antenna System (DAS).

How In-Building Systems Work

A DAS is a network of antennas that can be installed throughout a building – or outdoor area - to provide mobile coverage for the people inside and nearby. The solution is completely scalable, meaning it can be used in all kinds of indoor environments, including shopping centres and multi-floor offices.

In a typical arrangement, the small antennas are linked back to a central control hub, which is then linked to the mobile network operators’ base stations nearby. The result is not only strong mobile signal inside the building, but a reliable service that can be used by the customers of all networks.

If a DAS system isn’t the best solution for you, we can work with other technology solutions – such as Small Cells - to deliver the connectivity you need.

As the retail, transport and hospitality sectors adopt increasingly smart customer engagement strategies, an In-Building solution can make all the difference to the customer experience.

Widely available and reliable indoor connectivity is known to increase venue desirability, as well as visitor dwell time and footfall.

Connectivity for busy venues

DAS solutions are suited perfectly to busy venues where multi-operator services are needed. This could be a high-footfall shopping centre, a fast-paced underground metro system transporting millions of passengers, or even an airport where visitors are constantly on the move.

Our neutral-host DAS solutions make it possible for all mobile users in these kinds of environments to stay connected, no matter who their service provider is. This is because all mobile network operators (MNOs) are offered access to our system to gain coverage and capacity in hard-to-reach spaces and as such everybody benefits.

This kind of In-Building system is especially valuable in locations where there isn’t enough room for equipment from numerous MNOs. Instead, as a neutral host provider, we can provide mobile services for all MNOs through a single set of transmission equipment. This keeps the installation simple and unobtrusive.

Then, as part of the service, we act as a one-stop-shop, managing all contact with the MNOs, including the agreement of commercial terms.

End-to-end service

Arqiva is an experienced provider of DAS solutions, and we’re able to deliver a full end-to-end service, taking care of every detail from planning to installation and beyond.

Once everything is in place, we’re committed to making sure your equipment continues to deliver the results you expect - quality of service is an essential component of what we deliver. As part of this, we provide a round-the-clock monitoring service throughout the year, with SLA-backed fix times. We manage and maintain the system, so you can focus on your business.

We have flexible commercial arrangements too, with options ranging from an up-front fee followed by minimal monthly payments to a leasing agreement that bypasses the initial payment to keep things affordable. This means we can spread the cost of installation over several years.

Meeting your needs

DAS is just one way we can meet our customers’ connectivity needs – we’re committed to delivering the solution that best fits your objectives. We’ll work closely with you from the start to determine the perfect solution, whether that’s a DAS antenna network, small cells or a mix of the two.

To get the conversation started, contact our expert team today – we’re ready to talk.

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