In-building systems for great mobile coverage

Your customers expect mobile connectivity even in buildings with poor or no mobile coverage. Keep them connected in shopping centres, airports and hotels with an in-building solution using a Distributed Antenna System.

In-building systems for great mobile coverage

In-building systems for great mobile coverage

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Stay connected. Always.

How do you provide mobile connectivity inside even the most difficult-to-connect locations? Indoor mobile coverage is part and parcel of modern life. But ensuring 24/7 connectivity can be a big challenge inside certain locations, especially at peak times. That’s down to a range of factors, such as building materials or the layout blocking signals from outside. Distributed Antenna Systems solve this problem by giving mobile users a signal using antennas located inside the building.

High density venues

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is ideally suited for very high density venues where multi-operator support is needed. This might be a shopping centre with high footfall, or a busy underground metro system transporting millions of passengers every year. It could be a conference centre or a transport hub, such as an airport where visitors are constantly on the move.

Working with mobile network operators

In these instances, customers typically use a cross section of mobile network operator (MNO) services. Our neutral host DAS solutions make it possible for these customers to stay connected, no matter who their service provider is. That’s because all the MNOs are offered access to our system to gain coverage and network capacity in hard-to-reach in-building spaces. This is especially valuable in those locations where space limitations mean there isn’t enough room for equipment from numerous MNOs. Instead, as a neutral host provider, we can provide mobile services for all the MNOs through one set of transmission equipment. This keeps the installation compact and unobtrusive. We also manage all points of contact with the MNOs, including the agreement of commercial terms.

Customer experience

As the retail, transport and hospitality sectors adopt increasingly smart customer engagement strategies, a DAS can make all the difference to the customer experience. Widely available and reliable indoor mobile connectivity from multiple MNOs is known to increase venue desirability, as well as visitor dwell time and footfall

Discreet yet powerful

So how does a DAS work? Discreet indoor antennas are installed at various points to enhance phone coverage and capacity in a defined and enclosed space. The network is managed via an indoor control room, making maintenance and access quick and easy.

Managing, maintaining and inspecting

We own the infrastructure and charge back usage to either the MNOs or the building Landlord, usually as an annual charge over a 10-year period. We manage, maintain and inspect the system, which is designed to an agreed industry specification. The strict service level agreements governing system management make this an attractive proposition for MNOs whose reputations depend on reliable connectivity.

The right technology for your needs

Whether you are a Landlord or an MNO, we can act as your single point of contact. We will work with the MNOs to decide whether the best way to deliver cellular connectivity to a building is via a DAS system or Small Cells, or even whether a mixed systems solution would be best.

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