Internet of Things

Your things are ready to talk. Are you ready to listen? We’re unlocking the promise of the internet of things


Lots of things, from waste bins to smoke alarms, need monitoring and attention. Connecting them improves city and business services, reduces costs and protects property and the environment.

Arqiva is in a unique position to unlock the promise of the internet of things by making it possible to communicate with millions of devices. Our new internet of things network will significantly reduce total costs, making many more applications financially attractive. We also have broad capabilities across communications infrastructure and services to meet the diverse requirements of our customers:

  • We’ve partnered with SIGFOX to build a new internet of things network which is now live in ten of the UK’s largest cities
  • Arqiva will deliver the smart metering service to connect devices in around 10 million homes across a diverse geography and terrain – one of the largest internet of things programmes in the UK
  • We are one of the UK’s leading communications infrastructure providers with over 16,000 marketable main sites; we run communications networks from satellite through to WiFi
  • Our managed communications services make vital connections between people as well as things – organisations like the RNLI and the emergency services rely on us
  • We support local and central government, large and small businesses as well as other communications service providers

Our breadth of capability means we can offer the blend of internet of things connectivity that best meets the needs of each of our customers, from infrequent low-cost messages to confirm a device is still working, through to managed networks dedicated to a single organisation or industry.

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