Intelligent buildings

Your things are ready to talk. Are you ready to listen? We’re unlocking the promise of the internet of things to improve services in buildings and reduce costs

Connecting buildings to improve services and reduce costs.

Connecting buildings to improve services and reduce costs.


Lots of things, like smoke alarms, stop working. Connecting them saves money and protects property and people. These connected applications help to reduce costs and improve services in buildings - from monitoring consumables like liquid soap in dispensers to getting early warning that a boiler needs a service.

Arqiva is in a unique position to unlock the promise of the internet of things by making it possible to communicate with millions of devices. Our new internet of things network will significantly reduce total costs, making many more applications financially attractive. We also have broad capabilities across communications infrastructure and services to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.

Our internet of things network makes it easy to connect devices “out of the box” as soon as they are installed in buildings, without the need for any local communications equipment. Organisations and households can start to realise the benefits quickly and easily. We’re using SIGFOX technology which has low modem costs and longer battery life, reducing the time and money spent maintaining and replacing connected devices once they have been installed.

Our network will communicate directly to each device, including deep inside buildings. This is just one part of our wider set of internet of things services to connect devices inside buildings, including smart metering communications for 10 million homes and our in-building solutions for locations with a high level of mobile phone usage.

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