Walking With The Wounded expedition teams share their experiences with the world

UK, London, 14 November 2013: As the communications partner for The Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge, we're working with Walking With The Wounded (WWTW) to provide the expedition teams with the ability to share their experiences from this remote part of the world.

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The teams will have the communications capability to capture and transmit their HD video uploads and personal team video diaries from the South Pole to the UK. This is made possible via military grade laptops, designed to withstand freezing temperatures and equipped with data compressing software.

The teams will share their stories with the public, friends and family via WWTW YouTube, Telegraph.co.uk, The Monarchy YouTube Channel and Virgin Money Giving.co.uk. In addition, twenty-eight satellite phones with GPS functionality will power the expedition’s web-based interactive map on the WWTW website, tracking the teams’ progress during the race.

The satellite phones will enable the teams to stay in touch with each other on the ice and provide them with connection to support services outside of Antarctica for logistics and safety purposes. The phones also provide important SOS functionality; an emergency button programmed to send a direct message to support and rescue teams if anyone finds themselves in danger.

“We are a company that celebrates challenge – both the exceptional determination of the injured servicemen taking part in an expedition of this kind, and our professional challenge in finding communication solutions for the remotest and harshest of environments. Walking With The Wounded is a remarkable charity and we are thrilled we can facilitate the broadcasting communications which are crucial for a safe expedition, as well as allowing all of us at home to follow the teams every step of the way.”

Our SNG team was at the launch to record the event which is now available to view on WWTW’s site - The Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge 2013 launch event