Virgin Media Mobile wholesale WiFi service

Contract provides Virgin Media Mobile customers with seamless WiFi hotspot connectivity

Virgin Media Mobile wholesale WiFi

Virgin Media Mobile wholesale WiFi

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We have signed a four-year deal with Virgin Media to allow Virgin Mobile customers to connect seamlessly to our WiFi network across the UK, receiving fast and high-quality coverage.

Through Virgin Media’s WiFi Buddy app its customers will be able to utilise our WiFi network of over 3,000 public locations. This includes most UK airports such as London Heathrow and Manchester Airport, 37,000 hotel rooms, more than 1,500 pubs and over 1,000 outdoor WiFi locations.

“Staying connected when you’re out and about is nothing short of a necessity and demand for WiFi services is only ever increasing. Working together with Virgin Media we’re thrilled to be providing their customers with an enhanced WiFi experience when they’re on the go, thanks to the seamless access to high-quality mobile data on the Arqiva network.”

Recent consumer research reveals that 53% of people say it’s ‘critical’ or ‘important’ to be able to connect to the Internet when outside the home or office, and over 30% of people connect to WiFi ‘every’ or ‘most’ times when in a pub or airport increasing to 49% when staying overnight in a hotel.

“We‘re always looking at new ways to ensure our customers have access to the best possible data connection. Whether customers are in their home or on the go it’s important we’re able to deliver a seamless integrated experience when it comes to data connectivity.”